The Ai-Mo are one of the 14 current tribes. The Ai-Mo begin with the Meditation technology. Their color is teal and they resemble Himalayan and Andean culture. The cultural side of this tribe represents Tibet, while the llamas, chili peppers and cities are based of traditional Andean culture, like the Incas.

In-game description:

"The tranquil and wise Ai-Mo tribe inhabits the harshest, windiest, and highest mountain range of the square, where they have found inner peace by meditating in the eternal evening light."

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Ai-mo fruit
Ai-mo forest
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Ai-mo mountain
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  • Fruit: Bird's eye chili peppers
  • Land: Hilly and steeply green fields.
  • Forests: Thin and flat trees
  • Animals: Llamas
  • Mountains: Rocky and spiralled with gold capped tops
  • Cities: Grey stone with pointy roofs and colourful flags
  • Helmet: A small blue line on head
  • Color: Teal

Ai-Mo Theme

The Battle of Polytopia Ai-Mo Theme

The Battle of Polytopia Ai-Mo Theme

City Buildings



An Ai-Mo city, Lïleelï

  • According to the web shop, the Om-soi drink, brewed by Ai-Mo tribe (the only people who know the drink's recipe, and keep it secret) has the power of healing and bringing serenity to people with anxious minds.
  • In the ambience which plays throughout Ai-Mo lands, several sounds are heard. These sounds are a constant, deep, yet calm humming sound, wind blowing through the mountain ranges and the trees, and sorts of distant horn and distant gongs and/or bells being played.
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