"The tranquil and wise Ai-Mo tribe inhabits the harshest, windiest, and highest mountain range of the square, where they have found inner peace by meditating in the eternal evening light."

-Tribe description

The Ai-Mo tribe is the tenth of the 12 regular tribes in Polytopia. Ai-Mo starts with the Meditation technology.

Ai-Mo is typically considered to be a lower-mid-tier tribe due to its varied resources and practically useless starting technology (Meditation does not unlock any unit, nor does it lead to any resource technologies). However, Ai-Mo can receive an Altar of Peace as early as turn 5.


Ai-Mo has +mountain and --crop.

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Ai-Mo Appearance.JPG

  • Fruit: Lï-po chilis (chili peppers)
  • Animal: Llamo (llama)
  • Field: Hilly and steep green fields
  • Forest: Trees with thin and flat layers of leaves
  • Mountain: Rocky and spiraled mountains with gold-capped tops
  • City: Grey stone and colourful flags with either flat orange roofs or pointed white roofs
  • Helmet: A small turquoise strip on the center of the forehead


  • 2019 Ai-Mo Tribe Day poster

    2019 Tribe Day: Despite their stoic appearance, the Ai-Mo love to party! One of their largest festivals is the “Ai-Yaca,” where the citizens celebrate with parades, llamo races, poetry recital, and dancing!
  • Ai-mo Tribe Moon.png
    2020 Tribe Moon: The iconic strips on the foreheads of the Ai-Mo are made from the dye of the Issi flower, which is believed to improve mental clarity.
  • Web Shop: Should you ever get the chance to taste Om-soi, don't hesitate. It holds the power of healing and gives serenity to any anxious mind. Only the Ai-Mo know the recipe, and it has been a well kept secret since the beginning of turns.
  • Web Shop: This traditional costume is usually worm during the Feast of Ai-ioo, a celebration dedicated to the hard-working Llamo. The day is spent with ceremonies and dances to honor and praise the Llamo's great importance to the Ai-Mo people.
  • The Instagram post introducing the Ai-Mo tribe

    Instagram: We – the tranquil Ai-Mo tribe are this close to reach Enlightenment and Eternal Peace. This close. There is just one slight problem – all the other tribes. If they could just avoid living on the Square, disturbing our tranquil meditation it would be perfect. If they could just follow our example – drink llama milk, have a mind-melting wild chili from time to time, and focusing on finding inner peace – we would all live in harmony together. If we get 1000 people to follow the wise words of our leader, aimo_tribe on TWITTER we will make our tribe free to purchase for one day. – if you don’t like it, you rest in pieces. And please: Ssshhhh!!!



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Because Ai-Mo starts with a technology that is close to Philosophy, they can quickly get mind benders. In addition, they get the Altar of Peace early on, providing a nice boost to one of their cities.

City Buildings



The Battle of Polytopia Ai-Mo Theme

  • The Ai-Mo are influenced by the cultures of the peoples living around both the Himalayas and the Andes Mountains. They bear a vague resemblance to Airbenders from the immensely popular TV series "Avatar: The Last Airbender."
  • In the ambience that plays throughout Ai-Mo lands, a constant, deep, yet calm humming sound; wind blowing through the mountain ranges and the trees; and sorts of distant horns, gongs, and/or bells being played are heard.
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