The Ai-Mo are one of the 14 current tribes. The Ai-Mo begin with the Meditation technology. Their color is aquamarine/turquoise and they appear to represent Buddhist monks and Tibetan/Andean geography. The cultural side of this tribe represents Tibet, while the llamas, chili peppers and cities are based of traditional Andean culture, like the Incas.

In-game description:

"The tranquil and wise Ai-Mo tribe inhabits the harshest, windiest, and highest mountain range of the square, where they have found inner peace by meditating in the eternal evening light."

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Appearance Edit

  • Fruit: Bird's eye chili peppers
  • Land: Hilly and steeply green fields.
  • Forests: Thin and flat trees
  • Animals: Llamas
  • Mountains: Rocky and spiralled with gold capped tops
  • Cities: Grey stone with pointy roofs and colourful flags
  • Helmet: A small blue line on head
  • Color: Teal

Ai-Mo Theme Edit

The Battle of Polytopia Ai-Mo Theme

The Battle of Polytopia Ai-Mo Theme

City Buildings Edit


A Ai-Mo city, Lïleelï

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