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The tranquil and wise Ai-Mo tribe inhabits the harshest, windiest, and highest mountain range of the square, where they have found inner peace by meditating in the eternal evening light.

–Tribe description

Ai-Mo is the tenth tribe in Polytopia. Ai-Mo is a regular tribe. It starts with the Meditation technology.

Ai-Mo is a lower-mid-tier tribe. It has varied resources, and Meditation is a sub-par starting technology, being neither a resource nor a military technology. Also, its benefits have little use, especially in the early game, besides the fact that it allows Ai-Mo to receive an Altar of Peace as early as turn 5. Furthermore, the technology Meditation leads to, Philosophy, is rarely used and has the greatest utility during the late-game. These factors make Ai-Mo particularly weak in the early and mid-game as it needs to research various resource and military technologies.


Ai-Mo has 1.5x mountains and 0.1x crop.

Ai-mo fruit
Ai-mo forest
Ai-mo game
Ai-mo mountain
0.1x 1.5x


Main article: Ai-Mo/Strategy


  • These isolationist tribes people are more interested in meditating and living in harmony instead of fighting, but are more than willing to pick up their swords when the need arises![1]
  • Ai-mo promotion

    The Instagram post introducing the Ai-Mo tribe

    We, the tranquil Ai-Mo tribe, are this close to reaching Enlightenment and Eternal Peace. This close. There is just one slight problem – all the other tribes. If they could just avoid living on the Square, disturbing our tranquil meditation it would be perfect. If they could just follow our example – drink llama milk, have a mind-melting wild chili from time to time, and focusing on finding inner peace – we would all live in harmony together... If you don’t like it, you rest in pieces. And please: Ssshhhh!!![2]

Tribe Celebrations[]

  • AI-mo tribeday

    The 2019 Ai-Mo Tribe Day poster

    2019 Tribe Day: Despite their stoic appearance, the Ai-Mo love to party! One of their largest festivals is the “Ai-Yaca,” where the citizens celebrate with parades, llamo races, poetry recital, and dancing!
  • Ai-mo Tribe Moon

    The 2020 Ai-Mo Tribe Moon poster

    2020 Tribe Moon: The iconic strips on the foreheads of the Ai-Mo are made from the dye of the Issi flower, which is believed to improve mental clarity. Originally a focus to aid monks in meditation, the strips became a symbol of serenity and community, and are a staple of Ai-Moyan culture to this day.
  • Ai-Mo Tribe Moon 2021

    The 2021 Ai-Mo Tribe Moon poster

    2021 Tribe Moon: "They haunt these mountains, throwing rocks and pushing unsuspecting pilgrims to their doom!", the storyteller tells the children about the mighty Oo-Li, "But don't fret, little ones, the mighty Oo-Li in these hills provide blessings to our cities when we give them offerings of Llamo meat and tasty fruit.
    • The "Oo-Li" shown in the Tribe Moon poster is a Polytopian in a costume. The "real" Oo-Li tower over the Ai-Mo.[3]
  • Ai-Mo Tribe Moon 2022

    The 2022 Ai-Mo Tribe Moon poster

    2022 Tribe Moon: The Moon may be special to most Polytopians, but it's the Ai-Mo who have a special respect for the Sun. Unlike other tribes, the Ai-Moyan calendar is based on the Sun, which is tracked and revered by a prestigious sect of astronomers, cosmologists, and priests known as the 'Sun Speakers'.
  • Ai-Mo_Tribe_Moon_2023

    Ai-Mo Tribe Moon 2023

    The 2023 Ai-Mo Tribe Moon video

    2023 Tribe Moon: Ai-Mo society is isolationist and tends to prefer keeping to itself, preferring minimal contact with the other tribes if they can help it. Regular Ai-Moyan border patrols keep the land safe from invaders, like this band of Bardur raiders, who didn't stand a chance!
  • Ai-Mo Tribe Moon 2024

    The 2024 Ai-Mo Tribe Moon poster

    2024 Tribe Moon: "Pe Lo Chili" serves as the signature dish of the Ai-Mo and is usually made with Lï-Po Peppers and Llamo meat. Some Ai-Mo claim that the spiciest dishes of Pe Lo can cure sickness, increase your strength, and lead to the deepest of trances, but no one knows for certain.


  • Should you ever get the chance to taste Om-soi, don't hesitate. It holds the power of healing and gives serenity to any anxious mind. Only the Ai-Mo know the recipe, and it has been a well kept secret since the beginning of turns.[4]
  • This traditional costume is usually worn during the Feast of Ai-ioo, a celebration dedicated to the hard-working Llamo. The day is spent with ceremonies and dances to honor and praise the Llamo's great importance to the Ai-Mo people.[5]


The Ai-Mo are influenced by Nepalese, Tibetan and Andean cultures.[6] Prayer Flags, shaved heads, and meditation are icons of Nepalese culture; chili, whitewashed villages, and colorful decorative flags are of the Andes. The Llamos that the Ai-Mo hunts and rides are inspired by real-life llamas, which originate from the mountainous Andes.


Ai-Mo Appearance
  • Fruit: Lï-po chilis (chili peppers)
  • Animal: Llamo (llama)
  • Field: Hilly and steep green fields
  • Forest: Trees with thin and flat layers of leaves
  • Mountain: Rocky and spiraled mountains with gold-capped tops
  • City: Grey stone and colourful flags with either flat orange roofs or pointed white roofs
  • Helmet: A small turquoise ribbon on the center of the forehead

City Naming Syllables[]

[space], dee, fï, kï, lee, lï, nï, po, pï, so, sï, to, tï

City Buildings[]



Ai-Mo Music
Link Description
"Deep Dream Meditation 528HZ DNA Repair" By AI-MO-BAU – The Architect of Emptiness. Published by Polytopia Music.
To-Lï Skin theme.


To-Lï skin[]

The To Lï rigorously train their bodies and minds in their sturdy Binba forests, and are here to show their strength and discipline to the Square.

–To Lï skin description

The splash screen for the To Lï skin in the Tribe Selection menu.

The To-Lï skin, referred to erroneously[7] in-game as To Lï, was added in the fourth skin pack for Polytopia. The To-Lï wear pyramidal straw hats, turquoise tunics, and straw sandals.

  • The variegated Ai-Mo field tiles are replaced with smooth, verdant grass.
  • The forests are replaced with bamboo known as Binba.
  • The animals are replaced with spotted, koala-like animals known as Koïlï.
  • The city buildings are made of bamboo.
  • The Warriors and Riders use their hands instead of a club.
  • The Riders' saddles have brown details.
  • The Defenders' shields are made of bamboo.
  • The Knights' shields and lances are made of bamboo.


City Buildings[]

Alternate To Li head

The alternate To Lï head

Alternate To-Li field

The alternate To-Li field

Alternate To-Li forest

The alternate To-Li forest


  • The Ai-Mo bear a resemblance to Airbenders from the popular TV series "Avatar: The Last Airbender".
  • There exists an alternate version of the To-Lï head that uses a rounder hat design, an alternate field design with dry grass, and a slightly lighter alternate forest.
    • There is also a set of To-Lï city buildings that are not used in-game.
  • The To-Lï skin is one of two tribe skins that has unique ambience, along with Luxidoor's Aumux skin.
  • The To-Lï skin is referred to as "aibo" and "Ti-Lo" in some game files.
  • The "leader" of the Ai-Mo tribe is named "Lifidee".


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