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The Amphibian is an amphibious unit exclusive to the Aquarion tribe. It is unlocked by the Riding technology and replaces the Rider. It can freely travel between land and water, but it cannot move through any land tile, even with roads. This is similar to the movement penalty that mountains and forests (without roads) exert on all units (but the Amphibian experiences this effect on fields as well).

The Amphibian can automatically move in water because Aquarion unlocks such movement in the same technology as the Amphibian (Riding). However, to move in ocean, Free Diving or Navigation must be researched.

Aquarion starts the game with an Amphibian.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]


  • Early-game expansion through water. The Amphibian's high movement on water coupled with its natural ability to travel across it allows the unit to quickly explore across water, reach enemy continents, and capture villages there.
  • Assulting costal enemy cities. Like the Rider, the Amphibian can move after attacking an enemy unit, say one defending an enemy city. This allows multiple Amphibians to, in the same turn, assault a city, especially a costal one where Aquarion can easily retreat into the water after attacking.


  • Exploring and fighting on land. Compared to a Warrior, the Amphibian has a higher cost and lower defence but the same mobility on land.


  • The Amphibian is slightly smaller than the Rider.
  • The Amphibian did not receive a defence bonus in cities until update 1.14, which introduced the fortify unit skill.
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