From the deep oceans a long lost civilization appears! Their extreme isolation has given them special aquatic abilities that are unknown to the other more human tribes.
Aquarion have a slightly different tech tree and have access to the unique amphibious turtle units that no other tribe can train.

-Tribe description

The Aquarion tribe is the first special tribe and the 11th tribe overall in Polytopia. Aquarion does not have any starting technology. Instead, Aquarion has three tribe-specific units, the Amphibian, the Tridention, and the Crab (which replace the Rider, Knight and Giant, respectively).

Aquarion is often considered one of the weakest tribes in the game. Aquarion's main strength is its Tridentions, powerful ranged units with fast movement and a strong attack that are nearly unstoppable in groups. However, it takes Aquarion a long time to research Spearing, the technology required to train Tridentions. This is because Aquarion has few and varied resources, Spearing is on a different branch from resource technologies, and Aquarion cannot upgrade its capital until at least turn 2. Furthermore, the investment in Spearing leaves Aquarion economically weak and vulnerable before it amasses Tridentions. Aquarion’s weakness is exacerbated by the fact that it has no starting technology and that fragmented landmasses may hinder early-game exploration with Warriors. Also, the utility of Amphibians (and their escape skill in particular) is greatly limited by the fact that they can only move one tile at a time on land, without Roads.

Special Features

The Spearing branch of the Aquarion technology tree

As a special tribe, Aquarion has modified technologies that unlock unique units, buildings, and abilities. Specifically, the Chivalry branch of the technology tree is modified into the Spearing branch for Aquarion.

For a list of Aquarion's unique units, see Units. For a list of Aquarion's unique unit skills, see Unit Skills. For a list of Aquarion's unique buildings, see Buildings.

Technology Replaces Unlocks
Riding Amphibian, movement in shallow water
Free Diving Free Spirit Temple, movement in ocean, Disband ability
Spearing Chivlary Tridention, Burn Forest ability


Aquarion has -forest and +water. (30% of Aquarion's tiles are replaced with water.)

Aquarion fruit.png
Aquarion forest.png
Aquarion game.png
Aquarion mountain.png


Aquarion Appearance.png

  • Fruit: Tunico (sea cucumbers)
  • Animal: Turmelon (sea turtle)
  • Field: Continental shelf resembling shallow water tiles in colour that is slightly lower than the land of other tribes
  • Forest: Kelp forest
  • Mountain: Pink boulders
  • City: Gray stone pillars with pink or gold roofs and ornaments
  • Helmet: Silver-gray helmet with pink plumes and fish gills


  • Instagram: THEY CAME FROM THE DEEP – eons at peace with turtle and crab – raged by stirring ships above. AQUARION RISE – defend the deep!

Tribe Celebrations

  • Aquarion Tribe Day 2020.jpg
    Aquarion Day: The Aquarion empire is vigilantly defended by the mighty behemoths, the Crabs. It was a pact long ago that brought the Crabs and the Aquarion together, and this pact will remain until peace is brought to the Square once again. 


  • Web Shop: When the Turmelons are not helping Aquarion warriors, they like to spend their time in the mysterious depths of the ocean, swimming about in the palace of the lost city.
  • Web Shop: Aquarion warriors always... drink a mixture of salt water and octopus blood before going to battle.
  • Steam: Having risen from the depths of the ocean to fight in Square-wide struggle, the water-breathing, fish-like Aquarion have summoned their aquatic allies to take dominion over their land-dwelling kin.


Naming Syllables

aq, at, do, eid, fic, ico, in, lan, nau, nép, po, pol, quo, séi, tic, tis, tun

City Buildings



The Battle of Polytopia Aquarion Theme

  • In the ambience that plays throughout Aquarion lands, the sound of the sea and calm music are heard.
  • A comparison between the Amphibian, Rider, Tridention, and Knight

    Aquarion Knights and Riders (obtained by mind-bending enemy units) ride slightly larger Turmelons (turtles) than Tridentions and Amphibians.
  • Aquarion’s special units initially did not receive a defence bonus in cities. However, when the fortify skill was introduced, the Amphibian and the Tridention gained that skill, allowing them to receive a defence bonus in cities.
  • An early version of Aquarion teased in a Tweet by Midjiwan. Changes were made to the mountains and city buildings (including the city castle), and the Crab was introduced.

    During part of the beta testing period, Aquarion started with the Aquatism technology.
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