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From the deep oceans a long lost civilization appears! Their extreme isolation has given them special aquatic abilities that are unknown to the other more normal tribes.
Aquarion have a slightly different tech tree and have access to the unique amphibious turtle units that no other tribe can train.

–Tribe description

Aquarion is the first special tribe and the 11th tribe overall in Polytopia. Aquarion starts with the Riding technology and an Amphibian unit; their other special units include the Tridention and the Crab.

Aquarion takes a long time to develop its economy and military, so it is weak unless the game has a large map size or low opponent count. Aquarion's main strength is the Tridention, a powerful ranged unit with high mobility and a strong attack that can be unstoppable in large numbers. However, researching Spearing, the technology that unlocks the Tridention, is a slow process because its resources are few and varied. This leaves Aquarion vulnerable in the early and mid-game. Also, the investment in Spearing often comes at the cost of faster economic development. Finally, the utility of the Amphibian is limited by its reduced movement on land.

Special Features[]

Aquarion Spearing Branch

The Spearing branch of the Aquarion technology tree

Aquarion has unique mounted units, the Amphibian and Tridention. They can move in water and ocean. (Riding unlocks movement in water, and Free Diving unlocks movement in ocean.) Also, Aquarion has a unique super unit, the Crab.

Modified Technology
Technology Replaces Unlocks
Fishing Fishing, able to see starfish, movement in ocean
Riding Amphibian, movement in shallow water
Spearing Chivalry Tridention, Destroy


Aquarion has 0.5x forest. It also has a 1.5x water modifier in the source code, but this modifier currently has no effect.[1]

Aquarion fruit
Aquarion forest
Aquarion game
Aquarion mountain


The Aquarion are ocean-dwelling, water-breathing and fish-like Polytopians. Their tribe previously lived in harmony with Turmelons and crabs. However, Aquarion was disturbed by and now participates in the "Square-wide struggle."[2][3]

Tribe Celebrations[]

  • Aquarion Tribe Day

    The 2020 Aquarion Tribe Day poster

    2020 Tribe Day: The Aquarion empire is vigilantly defended by the mighty behemoths, the Crabs. It was a pact long ago that brought the Crabs and the Aquarion together, and this pact will remain until peace is brought to the Square once again. 
  • Aquarion Tribe Week

    The 2021 Aquarion Tribe Week poster

    2021 Tribe Week: Atop the Icopo Reefs are where the Aquarion built their seaside settlements, which are cozily nestled between the cracks of bright pink coral islets. At home on the coast, the amphibious Aquarion prefer to live where they can see both the majesty of the clear skies and the beauty of the placid seas.
  • Aquarion Tribe Week 2022

    The 2022 Aquarion Tribe Week poster

    2022 Tribe Week: The majestic Turmelon is the main source of inspiration for Aquarion artisans. Children play with Turmelon toys, merchants push their wares from Turmelon-shaped carts, and even the Aquarion monarch sits on a Turmelon-shaped throne.
  • Aquarion_Tribe_Week_2023_-_The_Battle_of_Polytopia

    Aquarion Tribe Week 2023 - The Battle of Polytopia

    The 2023 Aquarion Tribe Week video

    2023 Tribe Week: Modern life is busy, and the Aquarion understand the importance of getting some rest in today's tiring world. They made this video to help all of you get some good sleep, no matter what life throws your way.


  • When the Turmelons are not helping Aquarion warriors, they like to spend their time in the mysterious depths of the ocean, swimming about in the palace of the lost city.[4]
  • Aquarion warriors always... drink a mixture of salt water and octopus blood before going to battle.[5]


Aquarion is likely inspired by the tale of Atlantis.


  • Fruit: Tunico (sea cucumbers)
  • Animal: Turmelon (sea turtle)
  • Field: Continental shelf resembling shallow water tiles in colour that is slightly lower than the land of other tribes
  • Forest: Kelp forest
  • Mountain: Pink boulders reminiscent of coral
  • City: Gray stone pillars with pink or gold roofs and ornaments
  • Helmet: Silver-gray helmet with pink plumes and fish gills

City Naming Syllables[]

aq, at, do, eid, fic, ico, in, lan, nau, nép, po, pol, quo, séi, tic, tis, tun

City Buildings[]



Aquarion Music
Link Description
"Naulan Aquarion" By Tic Polnép Séi. Published by Polytopia Music.


  • Aquarion2

    An early version of Aquarion teased in a Tweet by Midjiwan. Changes were made to the mountains, fruits, and city buildings (including the city castle), and the Crab was introduced.


    The mountain used in earlier iterations of Aquarion

    During part of its beta testing period, Aquarion started with the Aquatism technology.
  • Aquarion's resources were adjusted in update 2.0.58.


Aquarion is a tribe like Vengir: a tribe with very little practice amongst players. However, the reason for this is not just because they are a bad tribe in most matches (like Vengir), but also due to the level of difficulty to get anything to work.

  1. Be expected to be on an island or be cut off by mountains. It's just a fact of life. Generally, you should consider switching from warriors to riders for exploration pretty quickly and get Free Diving pretty early. It is recommended to wait on Spearing though to have more money to actually get a serviceable economy.
  2. Make the most out of escape while you can.
  3. Around a certain point where you've started your Tridentions, you might want to start getting Fishing and Sailing.
  4. Once you are actually making any money, mix some naval units in with your Tridentions. That will be the thing that really makes you dangerous. [6]


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