"From the deep oceans a long lost civilization appears! Their extreme isolation has given them special aquatic abilities that are unknown to the other more human tribes.
Aquarion have a slightly different tech tree and have access to the unique amphibious turtle units that no other tribe can train."
The Aquarion tribe is the eleventh of the 15 tribes in the game, and the first special tribe to be added into Polytopia. The Aquarion start off with no technology but have three tribe-specific units: the Amphibian, the Tridention, and the Crab, which replace the Rider, Knight and Giant, respectively.


Aquarion have -forest. Also, 30% of their tiles are replaced with water.

Aquarion fruit
Aquarion forest
Aquarion game
Aquarion mountain


  • Fruit: Tunico (Sea cucumbers)
  • Land: Continental shelf, slightly less tall compared to normal land and resembling shallow water tiles in colour
  • Forests: Kelp forest
  • Animals: Turmelon (Sea turtle)
  • Mountains: Pink boulders
  • Cities: Gray stone pillars with pink or gold roofs and ornaments
  • Helmet: Fish head
  • Color: Salmon

Tech Tree

Free Diving

As a special tribe, Aquarion has a modified technology tree.

  • Riding allows the player to train Amphibians instead of Riders. Amphibians can move in water but can only move one tile at a time on land.

Aquarion Theme

The Battle of Polytopia Aquarion Theme

The Battle of Polytopia Aquarion Theme

City Buildings


  • Converted Aquarion Knights and Riders have slightly larger turtles than Amphibians and Tridentions.
    Aquarion Knight

    An Aquarion Knight, obtained by mind-bending an enemy knight.

  • Aquarion’s special units formerly did not receive a defence bonus in cities, but in the update that introduced the Fortify skill, the Amphibian and the Tridention were given the Fortify skill. (The Crab, like other super units, does not have the Fortify skill.)
  • According to the web shop, the Aquarion's favourite drink is a mixture of salt water and octopus blood that is usually drunk by their warriors before going to battle.
  • While in beta testing, Aquarion started with the Aquatism tech.

    An early test version of Aquarion from a Tweet by Midjiwan. The mountains have since been changed, and the Crab has replaced the Giant. The color of the rooftops have also been changed.

  • In the ambience which plays throughout Aquarion lands, the sound of the sea and calm music are heard.
  • Despite having a movement stat of 2, the Amphibian and the Tridention can only move one tile per turn on land. However, they can use Roads: with Roads, then can travel up to four tiles per turn on land.
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