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The Baby Dragon is the second stage of the Dragon, the super unit of the ∑∫ỹriȱŋ tribe. The Dragon's previous form is the Dragon Egg, and the Baby Dragon grows into the Fire Dragon after three turns.

The Baby Dragon has similar stats to the Swordsman. The Baby Dragon is best used in hit-and-run attacks as it can escape after attacking and travel over water. It can also quickly explore over land or water because it has the fly and scout unit skills; this is a great way to use the Baby Dragon while waiting for it to grow.

The Baby Dragon should be used conservatively. It is important to not let it be killed because not only can it not be mass produced, but also it can grow into a more powerful unit within a few turns. However, it can be allowed to take some amount of damage because it will heal itself when it grows.


  • Grow: The Baby Dragon turns into a Fire Dragon after the end of its sixth turn.
  • Dash: The Baby Dragon can move and attack in the same turn.
  • Fly: The Baby Dragon can move on any tile without the necessary technology and without any movement penalties. However, it also gains no movement bonuses from roads.
  • Escape: The Baby Dragon can move after attacking (assuming it isn't killed by the target's retaliation attack).
  • Scout: The Battleship reveals 5x5 tiles of fog instead of 3x3.