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The Baby Dragon is the second stage of the Dragon, the super unit of the ∑∫ỹriȱŋ tribe. The Dragon's previous form is the Dragon Egg, and the Baby Dragon grows into the Fire Dragon after three turns.

The Baby Dragon has similar stats to the Swordsman. With its stats and fly and escape skills, the Baby Dragon is a great hit-and-run unit.

Strengths and weaknesses[]

Baby Dragons are good for:

  • Hit-and-run tactics. The Baby Dragon's escape skill allows it to damage a unit and then run away like a rider would do. The main difference is that the Baby Dragon can one-shot 1-defence units without any defence bonus, and that it can fly away on the sea, where the opponent might not be able to attack him.
  • Sniping cities. The Baby Dragon's escape skill allows it to damage or even kill a unit and then slide onto an open city nearby after weakening or killing a unit that could've damaged units or stopped the siege. Again, this is similar to what a Rider would to except it has more attack, but also three times more defence and 15 health, allowing it to be less easily killed. However, you must make sure that the Baby Dragon won't be killed since it's a super unit that you can't mass produce like riders, and that he will grow in a powerful unit soon.
  • Exploring. Baby dragons have 2 movement and the fly and scout skills, allowing them to explore an area of 16 tiles/turn over sea or land without being stopped by movement barriers, which makes it a very good unit for exploring. Exploring is also a good occupation to use the «weak» Baby Dragon while waiting for it to become a Fire Dragon, which will be more useful in battle and easier to protect.
  • Tanking damage. The baby Dragon heals itself after 3 turns of existence, turning into a Fire Dragon with 20 health. Therefore, at the end of the last turn, the Baby Dragon can be left with 1 hp and will grow into a Fire Dragon. Remember that Baby Dragons are still pretty fragile for a super unit, killed by 4 warriors, and will eventually grow into a powerful unit, so be careful not to let them be killed before they reach their full potential.

Baby Dragons aren't good for:

  • Suicide attacks. Unlike cheap units like warriors or riders that can go straight into the enemy's army to do a maximum of damage until they die, Baby Dragons should not be used as suicidal weapons. This is because the Baby Dragon is a super unit that can't be mass produced and it will grow in a powerful unit in the next few turns, and you don't want it to be killed before it reaches its full potential.