"Surviving the harsh eternal winter of the Bardur woods is not an easy task, but Bardur seems to thrive here."
-Tribe description

Bardur is the third of the 12 regular tribes in Polytopia. It is one of the four free tribes in the game, the others being Xin-xi, Imperius, and Oumaji. Bardur starts with the Hunting technology.

Bardur is one of the three strongest tribes in the game, the others being Luxidoor and Kickoo. In addition to the fact that Bardur can upgrade its capital on Turn 0, Bardur's strength mainly comes from an abundance of resources (namely animals, Forests, and fruit) that it can quickly harvest. Notice that the technologies required to exploit those resources (Hunting, Forestry, and Organization, respectively) are either already researched or immediately available to research at the start of the game. (Compare this to Hoodrick, which has to first research Hunting before it can research Forestry.)

Forests are an especially powerful resource once Forestry is researched. They can be cleared, and the number of stars multiple Forests are worth is substantial (especially early-game). This versatile option allows you to upgrade cities by harvesting other resources, train units, and buy technologies per your needs. Alternatively, Lumber Huts can be used (often in conjunction with Sawmills) to quickly upgrade cities and obtain Super Units. Either way, Forests allow for very quick economic growth. 


Bardur has +Fruit, --Crop, and ++Game.

Bardur fruit
Bardur forest
Bardur game
Bardur mountain


  • Fruit: Øgelfuss Berries (blueberries)
  • Land: Fields covered in white snow
  • Forests: Spruce trees
  • Animals: Bærion (plural: Bærians)
  • Mountains: Icy white mountains
  • Cities: Wooden blocks with orange lights and either black or grassy roofs
  • Helmets: Horned helmets
  • Color: Black


From the web shop:

  • A Bærion in the wild is not to be played with, but if you ever manage to get close enough, [a] special comb is your only chance to tame it into a reliable warrior companion. Take a firm grip of the ear (preferably the left one), tug it gently three times backwards, and if you haven't been eaten by then, you will have a faithful companion for life. Source
  • In Barduria, children go through a prestigious ritual in order to become a respected member of their community. The ritual includes a cold forest, a bunch of wild Bærians, and a tent. Most of them never make it back home. Instead, the Bærians grow big and fat and are enjoyed both as a tasty feast and [as] a great warrior companion. Source
  • Pine needles, hot water, and rabbit fat are all you need to make Ullefurgh, the favourite beverage of the Bardur youth. Ullefurgh is traditionally drunk from cups made of Bærion fangs. Source

From Instagram: And just when you thought you were safe, the Bardur jumps out of the woods, dressed in wet bear furs and faces smeared with blueberry jam.


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City Buildings


  • The Bardur resemble Scandinavian Vikings.
  • In the ambience playing throughout Bardur lands, strong gusts of wind, a quiet tinkling sound, and wolves howling in the distance are heard.
  • The Battle of Polytopia Bardur Theme

    The Battle of Polytopia Bardur Theme

    The old Bardur theme (without the melody)

    In update 1.13.2, the Bardur theme was changed, adding a melody line over the "old theme." Midjitone, who writes the music for Polytopia, stated in a Reddit AMA that the melody was present in the original version of the theme, but, for some reason, it was removed prior to the initial release of the game.
  • The original in-game description of Bardur read, "Surviving the harsh eternal winter of Barduria...". The reason for the change is unknown, since Barduria is a place name used elsewhere in official lore.
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