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The Battle Sled is a unit exclusive to the Polaris tribe. However, they can be mind-bent to another tribe using Mind Benders and still have the same characteristics as a Battle Sled but with a different color scheme.

They are fast hit-and-run units with decent durability and a strong attack, and are unlocked with Polar Warfare. However, they suffer large penalties on land, losing both dash and escape as well as only having one movement.


  • Dash: The Battle Sled can move and attack in the same turn.
  • Escape: The Battle Sled can move after attacking (assuming it isn't killed by the target's retaliation attack).
  • Skate: The Battle Sled gets double movement on ice tiles, but only has 1 movement on any other tile. It also cannot dash or escape when on non-ice tiles.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]

Battle sleds are good for:

  • Hit and run attacks. Their skate skill allows them to travel long distances over ice. This long movement speed combined with the dash and escape skills allow Battle Sleds to move in attack and move out.
  • Fast cheap swarms. They're cheaper than knights and can mobilize faster, making them perfect candidates for swarms.

Battle sleds aren't good for:

  • Fighting on land. They move slowly on land, so they can easily slow any land armies.
  • Defending cities. They don't have the fortify skill and they have only moderate defence and health, so they are a bad choice to defend cities.