• MadCrawlers Guild

    Dear Polytopia players. We are recruiting the most elite Polytopia players to join our guild, The Madcrawlers Guild(TMC), with some of the most elite strategies out there. There are some standard requirements, which are not for the average players;
    - Have a score of 100% on Domination with one opponent(crazy). This is to show that you can play with minimal resources with a time limit.

    - Have a score of 100% on Domination with four opponents(crazy) This is to show that you can handle situations professionally, facing against four AIs which could right as well be professional players.

    - Have a strategy which is close to foolproof.

    - Have a deep understanding of the game.

    - Have at least 6 months of experience with the game.

    - Have a passion to win…

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  • Oaskldk

    The Journal of Maxius Fabain

    September 18, 2018 by Oaskldk

    Based off of a slight variation of Zebastian's UTOP Theory

    March 12, 124 AE (After Exile) It has been 124 years since Vengir's exile, and it doesn't seem like the threats that they have been making are really going to take place. Either way though, the Regia Solis chose me for their elite 15th Legion, in case the Vengir do invade. I have just recently been transferred from the Imperian 17th Legion. The similarities between the camps for the two nations are so similar, even the layout is the same. The training course for the Regia Solis' elite soldiers is in fact very short, as it just extends on the Imperian soldiers' training course. The only new thing we really have to learn is how to survive in the wild. Being in the Regia Solis' legions…

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  • Minh257

    Add me

    September 6, 2018 by Minh257

    Make friends with me for historical battles I am Vietnamese Here is my id: oMaoml1updtsOUfP

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  • ThatOneLuxidoor

    Hey, I am on IOS drip your friend id down below so we can play a game together.

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  • Yakooobin

    Hello to everybody!

    We have big polytopia community in telegram app. It is  online chat on your mobile phone, desktop computer and tablet - synchronyzed on all your devices. Real people who play game and communicate, help each other. Welcome to community.


    1. Go to "Google Play Market" or "IOS App Store, Download telegram app on your phone, and install it.

    2. Find @polytopiagame community, enter into it.

    3. Say hello to everybody, Play game, and discuss it with others.

    if you have any questiouns or ideas, write to admin @yakooobin

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  • Beastblox21


    March 1, 2018 by Beastblox21
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  • 12345doggo


    February 28, 2018 by 12345doggo

    I suck at polytopia give me tips for multiplayer

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  • Bolitas1


    February 24, 2018 by Bolitas1


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  • Bolitas1


    February 22, 2018 by Bolitas1

    Do you want to create a new version combining utop and fantopia, or maybe make a version with canon and fmt tribes and another only fmt and another only canon.

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  • Guaycul

    ¿Guess what?

    January 4, 2018 by Guaycul
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  • Midjitoo

    Multiplayer news!

    December 16, 2017 by Midjitoo
    • Multiplayer news from Midjiwan: "My #newyearsresolution for 2018 is to release online multiplayer (I aim to fulfil that in the first week and then I can just  the rest of the year). Multiplayer will be freely available to anyone who has bought at least one tribe, pass & play will still be around for those who can't pay. No exact date is set since I still have lots of work to do... #multiplayer #polytopia #gamedev #indiegame "
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  • Midjitoo

    Multiplayer NEWS!

    December 16, 2017 by Midjitoo


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  • MrDayCee

    TF2 Jetpack Update

    November 19, 2017 by MrDayCee

    I don't think i exaggerate when i say that the only thing that matters is the jetpack. I can think of maybe a few thing that might be worth nothing like a napalm launcher or the fart joke or the shitty holy mackerel and what i consider to be the final part of the complete lunchbox set for Heavy but i'll be honest that jetpack is the only thing that mettrs to me i wanted to hold off on doing any blog posts on a new Pyro update. For a while most of it was just let things simmer down and have all the initial hype put aside while the rest is reserved for complaining about things which i don't like about said update but who cares. Let's get back so the thermal thruster is the topic of this blog post is what is it and how does it work.

    Well, it's…

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  • MrDayCee

    New keyboard

    November 18, 2017 by MrDayCee

    Hey guys. It's been some days since my last blog post. I came here to announce that i got a minor change at my operating/browsing expereience. I got a new keyboard, it feels different while typing tha usual. It is hard to type with it now, but i will get into it.

    The keyboard is made by Logitech. U-FK (Ultra-Flat Keyboard.).

    You may spot some typos when i post, that's one of the reasons why i made this blog post. 

    Sincerely, MrDayCee.

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  • MrDayCee


    November 16, 2017 by MrDayCee

    This is a advanced sniper made by a couple of scientists. 

    They weapon uses Pelerelarium, a chemical element speeding up physical matter. The bullet it shoots kills a target in a second, the bullets with Pelerelarium can pierce trough extremely hard material.

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  • MrDayCee


    November 15, 2017 by MrDayCee


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  • MrDayCee

    At the very early beggining of Asian, Middle Ages. Vengir makes a startling discovery. Beneath the dirt, sand and snow of early, traces of another tribes are uncovered. The scientific implications of this discovery, would lead Vengir to the far reaches of the square. Everything seemed perfect but too perfect to last....

    At the year 604, Vengir is attacked by countless deadly troops from other tribes. Vengir's forces are steadiliy defeated, from Tututu to back of their trade system. But no matter how bravely the Vengirians fight, they are defeated, time and again. Attempts to defend their tribe and fail. After the war, tribes have sent them to the unpleasant wasteland called Tukor Moridben, the square's most dangerous and deadly areas every …

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  • ThatOneLuxidoor


    November 10, 2017 by ThatOneLuxidoor

    Hello , Polytopians it is I ThatOneLuxidoor , beta tester , and passonite wiki editor ; as of late I've seen a lot of trolling going around on the various pages specifically the Quetzali tribe page and I just wanted to get your thoughts on while you all think there is so much trolling going on around here.

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  • ThatOneLuxidoor

    Hello , polytopian community. I have been wandering through the wiki and I have noticed that there are several either redundant or unnecessary pages and I just think we really need to clean up the wiki.\

    Sincerly , ThatOneLuxidoor

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  • Dalaoriu-Valier Creator
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  • Thepicotrain



    I recently had this odd situation. I found a giant in ruins on a 1x2 island. The giant is useless because I have no way to transport him. I'm wondering if he is worth a lot in terms of points (should I disband him). If I were very late in the game, is it better to keep him around if the cash for disbanding him will not help me?

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  • FallenTankYT

    World of Battleship

    September 17, 2017 by FallenTankYT

    lol I covered the last city of Ai-mo w/ 13 battleships.

    Origin tribe: Kickoo

    Tasks: Eye of God, Park of fortune, Gate of power and more

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  • Sirhop0

    In the game Battle of Polytopia, I have recently unlocked all of the tribes and am looking for the best strategies to get 3 stars for each individual tribe. Help me come up with them so a new article can be made about it. So far, I've completed the easiest of them - Vengir in domination, using swordsman rush.

    I hope I figure this out with your help!

    (I am new to this website by the way)

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  • PolytopiaFanGirlXD

    I probably shouldn't have my username as PolytopiaFanGirlXD, so I'm changing it. :/

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  • Terebo

    for all the code guys

    April 30, 2017 by Terebo

    hi i found this apk and told to look inside but i dont know thatmuch about xlm and that kind of stuff i hope you guys can help me. i made it a zip so its vieweble

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  • 00Fez

    Tribe Place Names

    April 7, 2017 by 00Fez

    While playing as Bardur I noticed that according to the description the place they come from is called Barduria. I thought it would be fun to come up with names for the lands where the other tribes live!

    Xin-xi- Xi-Han

    Imperius- The Imperium

    Bardur- Barduria


    Kickoo- Undecided please help

    Vengir- The Wastelands

    Hoodrick- Undecided

    Zebasi- The Great Plains

    Ai-Mo- Mo-Tahn


    Thank you for reading. Please feel welcome to come up with suggestions for new names and improvements.

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  • The Legendary Juice Box

    In the tribe selection screen on android, you can pretty much get access to any tribe by selecting one you already have and choosing the one you want after in quick succession. I switched to iPhone, and it does not work on IOS. Only android.

    Dev should get that checked out. Sorry, free players that were using this cheat, cheating ain't good.

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  • A-fonsz

    I figured how to cheat in this game. I hope this helps you midjiwan. All is ask for is credit to me, Carlo, and Pico for help in finding this bug. You can teleport troops and also get unlimited stars in the game. To teleport troops, click on the village. Then there will be a selection of what troop you want to train on the bottom. Prepare a square where you want to teleport it to. Then carefully tap on the square and immidietly tap on the unit you want to train. What should happen is that it will say the square name (field,farm,mountain etc.) but the train unit thing will also pop up. You can press train unit and if you tap on the square you chose again, your troop will have teleported there. This means you can also train as much troops as…

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  • TattiXD

    Some fix to this page...

    February 5, 2017 by TattiXD

    Greetings all tribe leaders

    Everyone who read this, know Battle Of Polytopia is pretty amazing game. And tribe leader brobably think maby there is some clear web site where i can get more information about tribes and techs. And so do I. But when i found this page that looks first pretty good but when i started read pages i found some pretty crap peges, exampel almost all tech peges, where some pages have only two or three lines text and no photos (Shields ). I understan its hard to make whole wikipedia artcle from option that allow you make defeners. But my idea is put some "two line" pages together, in one lerge aricle, it should be nicer to read. We don't need 3000 pages form such simple game as Polytopia. (I think secret of that game is …

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  • Bloklanderxd

    I can't help but notice the the differences and similarities of real life and polytopia.

    Planning on posting my theory here.

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  • MilkandVinegar
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