Sumericanis Tribe

Sumericanis is a Fan-Made Tribe that is based on the Ancient Sumeritans/Akadians 
Sumericanis Tribe warrior

Sumericanis Warrior

       The Sumericanis Tribe is a fan-made tribe created by DarkRedJay. They start the game with two cities 6 squares apart, but they (like the Luxidor) start with no technologies.


  • Land: the Sumericanis tribes land would be a desert scrub, also the sand should be a bit less yellow than the Oumaji tribes land
  • Forests & Animals: The forests should be a square of dead bushes and brownish grass the animals that inhabit these forests shall be camels
  • Mointains & Oceans: The mointains should be like those of Kikoo but made out of sandsone and made slightly bumpier


The Sumericanis tribe has a very unique look.......

Sumericanis Warrior-0
  • Head: The Sumericanis people have a unique look, having a Mesopotamian-Style hat and a large boxy beard
  • Body: The Sumericanis have a stylish Dark Orange body with strap sandels on their feet

Spawn Rates

  • Crops, fruits, and water are extremely common
  • Fish are common
  • Mountains and metal are sparse
  • Forests, game, and whales are extremely uncommon
  • Ruins are slightly more common than in other tribes' lands (Because it is in Mesopotamia)

Monuments (Task Buildings)

  • Park of Fortune: Hanging Gardens
  • Gate of Power: A Dark-Orange version of the gate of Ishtar
  • Grand Bazaar: Tents with spices
  • Emperors Tomb: Ziggurat with Dark-Orange top
  • Eye of God: Statue of a Mesopotamian God
  • Tower of Wisdom: Sandstone tower with Dark-Orange top and vines growing on the side
  • Alter of Peace: Similar to Imperius but made of sandstone with a Step-Pyramid top and vines growing on the pillars