Sænemmia is a fanmade tribe based off one of Jakod21's Mapping Nations, in Earth Sænemmia comes from an older generation of humanity which flew the planet when a disaster happened, Sænemmia didn't have time to escape so they left them, they hid in bunkers and when modern earth started to form, it migrated from what's now the Ural mountains to the Great European Plains in modern-day Southeastern Belarus.

On Polytopia, Sænemmia comes from an older generation fo tribes with advanced tech which ceased to exist when a disaster happened, but Sænemmia was somehow inmune to the disaster and survived, they would hide from the constantly changing planet, the planet would make new supercontinents and change like if it was re-born, after losing more than half of its population before the disaster Sænemmia managed to keep their technology and culture from other tribes thanks to their advanced technology, from which, Plasma Works is one of the most impotent, being it part of a row of 'next-gen' technologies caracterized by a 'sci-fi' air, Sænemmia as an older generation is less biological advanced, mostly in psychology, being it less compassionate and more aggressive, they will declare war easier and it will be hard to be their allies, though, they are neutral most of the time, if you don't want war with them just don't disturb them (come close to their territory or look like a threat (conquer too much tribes or advance in size or tech too fast) to them) and you'll be good to go.