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The Kleptoro dwell in the hottest, most barren valley on the square. They have developed an advanced religion over the years to please the gods of the sun-scoured desert.


The Kleptoro dwell in the hottest, most barren valley on the square. They gain happiness by praying to their gods in the backbreaking heat.

The Kleptoro start with the Free Spirit tech.


Terrain: Clay Desert (Look it up.)

Mountains: Brown mountains with frost at peaks.

Forests: Scattered Fig Trees

Fruit: Figs

Game: Armadillo

Cities: Scattered Huts

IMG 0254

The Kleptoro Biome's Terrain

IMG 0256

The Kleptoro Biome's Mountains


15% Chance of mountain

15% Chance of field

5% Chance of field W/Crops

20% Chance of Forest

15% Chance of Forest W/Game

30% Chance of Fruit

Under no circumstances will lakes spawn inside the Kleptoro's biome.


  • The climate is so dry, no permanent lakes or rivers can form.
  • The terrain is rocky and dry, crops struggle to grow, so for food, you might want to turn to the figs that have fallen from their trees.
  • However, Water blown from the oceans by the violent windstorms manages to cling on to the peaks of the mountains, and freeze due to wind exposure


Kleptorian Type A Meaning Kleptorian Type B
Yōa You
Connects Phrases N/A
Latū We Wėh
Wuāh Will Wił
Ruÿ Are Ūar
Artouka Underworld Hyek
Lok And Nod
Ōkoro Tribe Trubee
Teno Who Who
Lopī Hello Lopī
Goto Brother Goto
Atoø The Teë
Tooû What Woōt