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The Bomber is a naval unit that is an upgrade from the Raft. The health of a Bomber is determined by the unit it carries.

A Raft can be upgraded into a Bomber for fifteen stars once Navigation is researched. Upgrading a naval unit does not heal it. Moving an upgraded naval unit onto land causes the unit to permanently lose its upgrade: if that unit is once again moved onto a Port, it will become a Raft.

The splash ability allows the bomber to deal damage to all enemy units adjacent to their target. The splash damage is calculated as the regular damage to that target, which is then halved and rounded down. This is not the same as just calculating the damage as if the bomber had 1.5 attack. The stiff ability means that a bomber cannot retaliate when attacked. It is very important to be careful with where you put them, because stiff makes you a sitting duck during your enemy's turn.


Tribe Skins[]


  • The Bomber replaced the Battleship for the Path of the Ocean Beta update. It initially had 3 movement and lacked the stiff skill.
  • When the Bomber's movement was reduced to 2 and it was given the stiff skill, it gained more in common with the Catapult due to its high attack, poor defensive abilities, and lacking the dash skill.
  • In the Patch of the Ocean update, Bombers' attack was reduced to 3.