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The Bridge is a building that costs 5 stars and functions as a water equivalent to roads. In addition to halving movement costs and forming city connections, they also allow land units to move across one tile of water. Unlike roads, they can be destroyed after being built. It is unlocked by researching the Roads technology.

In order to build a bridge, there must be two land tiles in between the water tile where it is built. A bridge can still be built if the land tile on the other side of the bridge is obscured by fog. This has to be horizontal or vertical (diagonal bridges cannot be built). Like roads, they can be built on unoccupied land.

Naval units can move past bridges.

Land units placed on bridges will still receive the defense bonus from Aquatism, if it has been researched.

Algae is a Cymanti building that functions similarly to bridges.

The Bridge was added during the Path of the Ocean update. In the Patch of the Ocean update, its cost was decreased from 7 to 5, and it was made possible to build Bridges that connect to land obscured by fog.

Bridge old

A bridge from the Path of the Ocean beta.

Iqaruz bridge

The unused Iqaruz bridge


  • In the first version of the Path of the Ocean beta, Bridges had a different sprite.
  • Quetzali's Iqaruz skin has an unused Bridge sprite.