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A building is an immovable object located on a tile. There are three main categories of buildings: resource buildings, monuments, and temples. Other buildings include roads and the Embassy. Buildings are constructed by the player. Each type of building can only be built on specific terrain types.

Resource Buildings[]

Image Name Description Terrain Unlocked by Cost (stars)
Customs house 1.png
Customs House Produces 2 stars per turn for every adjacent Port. Field Trade 5
Farm Produces two population. Field with crop Farming 5
Forge level 1.png
Forge Produces two population for every adjacent Mine. Field Smithery 5
Lumber hut.png
Lumber Hut Produces one population. Forest Forestry 2
Mine Produces two population. Mountain with metal Mining 5
Port Produces two population, turns land units into Boats, and forms city connections. Water Sailing 10
Sawmill level 1.png
Sawmill Produces one population for every adjacent Lumber Hut. Field Mathematics 5
Windmill 1.png
Windmill Produces one population for every adjacent Farm. Field Construction 5


A monument is a building awarded for completing a task. Each monument produces 3 population and is worth 400 points. Monuments can be built on field and shallow water terrain.

Image Name Task Technology
Xin-xi altar of peace.png
Altar of Peace Pacifst: Make no attacks for five turns. Meditation
Xin-xi emperors tomb.png
Emperor's Tomb Wealth: Gather 100 stars. Trade
Xin-xi eye of god.png
Eye of God Explorer: Explore all tiles. Navigation
Xin-xi gate of power.png
Gate of Power Killer: Kill 10 enemy units. N/A
Xin-xi grand bazaar.png
Grand Bazaar Trade: Connect five cities to the capital. Roads
Xin-xi park of fortune copy.png
Park of Fortune Metropolis: Have a level 5+ city. N/A
Xin-xi tower of wisdom.png
Tower of Wisdom Genius: Research all technology. Philosophy


Main article: Temples

Temples produce one population and initially worth 100 points; their point value increases over time.

Image Name Terrain Unlocked by Cost (stars)
Temple level 5.png
Temple Field Free Spirit 20
Forest temple level 5.png
Forest Temple Forest Spiritualism 15
Mountain temple level 5.png
Mountain Temple Mountain Meditation 20
Water temple level 5.png
Water Temple Shallow water, ocean Aquatism 20
Ice temple level 5.png
Ice Temple Ice Polarism 20


Image Name Description Terrain Unlocked by Cost (stars)
Embassy Provide income to both the tribe that builds and the tribe that hosts the Embassy. Other tribes capitals Diplomacy 5
Road Icon.png
Roads Decrease movement cost and form city connections. Field, forest Roads 2

Special Tribes[]

Image Name Description Terrain Unlocked by Cost (stars)
Sanctuary level 2.png
Sanctuary Produces one star per turn for every adjacent wild animal. Attracts a wild animal to an empty adjacent forest every three turns. Any land Forestry 5
Ice bank level 2.png
Ice Bank Produces three stars per turn for every 20 frozen tiles in the world. Field, ice Trade 20
Outpost Produces one population and forms city connections. Ice Frostwork 5
Algae Units and city connections can travel over it. Water, ocean Hydrology 5
Clathrus level 2.png
Clathrus Produces one star per turn for every adjacent Algae. Poisons enemy units that step on it. Water, ocean Trade 5
Fungi level 2.png
Fungi Produces one population per turn for three turns. Poisons enemy units that step on it. Any land with spores Farming 5
Mycelium level 2.png
Mycelium Forms city connections within a three-tile radius and heals friendly units that end their turn on or adjacent to it. Field, forest Roads 5


Image Name Description Unlocked by Cost (stars)
Old outpost 5.png
Lantern Present in beta versions of Polaris. Never released. Function varied over time. Varied over time 5
Library 1.png
Library Decreased the cost of researching new technology by 2 stars per adjacent temple. Philosophy 5