Catalog of Tactics

By Zakaria

Is a list of polytopia tactics you can use to better your polytopia play.

Here's the list from most acceptable to most controversial:

  1. Kill not Wound
  2. Duo Boats
  3. Cascading Catapults
  4. Warrior Spam
  5. Leave the Nest
  6. Wall-less
  7. Chop-Chop

Kill not Wound

When you attack make sure the enemy's unit will be killed on that turn. Simulate your attack on The Calculator or use undo . So pick the weakest unit to attack first.

If you can only wound (e.g Giant) make sure the wound takes more than 4 HP, cause wounded unit on home tiles can be healed on a turn. Also learn about defense bonus.

Duo Boats

Two boats, one in front of the other is an effective move to explore the sea. Move the behind boat first then the other, that way you can uncover two tile fog in a turn. The best positions is diagonal and you could move horizontally or vertically. Also works for rider on the plains.

Cascading Catapults

Two or more catapult each within reach of each other is an effective tactic guarding your catapult position. If any enemy unit reaching one, the other can shoot it away. But be careful with battleship or knight! Also works for mind bender.

Warrior Spam

Always producing warrior on early turn cause they come in handy in battle. Remember 10 warrior could take down defenseless giant. But watch out for your warrior spending stilled your city or tech growth. Use unneed for it.

Leave the Nest

Don't be afraid to leave your city unit-less, explore and move your unit away unless there's enemy nearby and could move into your city in a turn. Besides, empty city could produce unit quickly.


It's better to get extra 5 rather than build wall unless it's capital or contested city. But even then, you can contest that city back or play super aggressively so the enemy never reach your capital.


It's better to chop down trees and get two Star rather than build sawmill and get 1 population back. Sawmill has 4 Star cost, 2 from the building and another 2 from the tree. Unless you need it for the first upgrade, cut down all the trees nearby!

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