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The Catapult is a long-range unit with a very powerful attack unlocked by the Mathematics technology. It has the longest range in the game; however, it is very vulnerable to attacks and cannot deal any retaliation damage.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]


  • Fighting Giants. Catapults can do massive damage to enemy Giants. As long as they're kept away from the Giant's reach, five catapult shots can bring down even a full-health Giant even with a defence bonus.
  • Defending against naval units. Catapults have a longer range than Boats, Ships, and Battleships (range 2) and are capable of destroying most of them in one or two hits. This means that catapults stationed inland will be able to attack and destroy ships close to shore as well as any beachheads they may make with impunity.
  • Sieging cities. If you can position them well enough, Catapults are good for dealing solid damage to any units that are trained in an enemy city, meaning you don't have to waste stars on melee units to grind them down.


  • Fighting fast units. A wave of Riders or Knights will be able to rush in starting from outside the Catapult's range and kill them easily. For this reason, it is advisable to protect Catapults with units, such as Defenders or Swordsmen, that can take a few hits and shield your Catapults from damage.
  • Attacking catapults. Since Catapults cannot attack after moving, a Catapult moved in range of another catapult will be killed by said catapult before having a chance to fire.
  • Tanking damage. Since Catapults have zero defense, an attack can quickly kill them. If any enemies are allowed in range of your Catapult, they can defeat them quickly, and the Catapult will do no damage defensively. Even a Catapult protected by a city wall will be reduced to 1 health by a Warrior attack, since their defence is not buffed by said city walls.


  • If you encounter catapult spam, your best bet is to use Knights. As opposed to riders, they can destroy catapults in one hit, and furthermore their Persist ability allows them to attack and kill multiple units in one turn. This can allow you to potentially chain massive amounts of kills and clear the mass of catapults.
  • If an AI has spammed catapults on an island with no land connection to feed Knights through, you may have to use ships or boats to take them out. If you can kill more catapults than they can produce, eventually you will wear them down. Warrior Ships/Boats are also very cheap and are not worth much if you lose them.
  • A good strategy to prevent your catapults from being swarmed by mobile units is to simply place them behind lines of stronger defensive units such as giants, defenders and swordsmen. Defenders are recommended in most scenarios as they lack offensive power but are very cheap and bulky. Catapults will be able to harass enemy giants and break through enemy defenders while the other units move in to take down threats such as knights and capture cities that the catapults have cleared out.


  • Catapults are the only unit to use a rock projectile.
  • Before the "Power" update on March 31, 2017, Catapults were extremely overpowered, with 6 attack and a cost of 5 stars. This provoked outrage from the community, leading to the nerf. Their sprite was also changed.

    A pre-1.7 Xin-xi Catapult.