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The Centipede is the super unit of the Cymanti tribe.


The Segment is formed when the Centipede kills an enemy unit. When a centipede has any segments, it can only move one tile at a time.

You can explode a segment to deal splash damage. If you do this, all other segments further away from the head will automatically explode too. For example, if you explode the first segment behind the head, all the segments will explode. If you explode the second segment behind the head, all the segments behind it (including the second) will explode, but not the first. Exploding segments will leave spores on land and ice tiles that don't have structures built on them yet.

Segments cannot independently take actions like breaking ice, capturing cities or recovering health. Segments do not immediately recover health by having the head choose the recover action, but will do it normally at the end of the turn.

A segment can siege a city and prevent it from producing stars, but not capture it.

When you have the head recover or move, segments can still independently take the explode action that same turn. If the head has already attacked this turn, segments can no longer explode that turn. You can first explode a segment, and then have the head move and attack in the same turn.



  • Dash: The Centipede can move and attack in the same turn.
  • Eat: When the Centipede kills a unit, it creates a Segment behind it (or behind its last Segment if it already has one or more). This does not count for retaliations.
  • Creep: The Centipede can ignore movement barriers imposed by terrain.


  • Independent: Segments does not take up a population slot in a city, or belong to any.
  • Creep: Segments can ignore movement barriers imposed by terrain.
  • Explode: Segments can explode and poison all adjacent enemy units. When a Segment explodes, all Segments behind it also explode. This kills the Segments.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]


  • The Centipede can heavily disturb the movement of enemies with its segments.
  • When part of the centipede dies, the segment closest to the former head turns into a new head with full health. Using this ability allow the centipede to last a long time. Therefore, if you are attacking a centipede, it is advised to destroy the segments first.
  • If the centipede is split it duplicates into multiple units. You can induce this by popping a new super unit on a city with a segment of another centipede already on it, and all tiles surrounding the city being occupied. Then that segment has nowhere to go so it disappears, and the segment behind it turns into a new head, but you also keep the old head of that old centipede, and you have a third head you just popped out of the city.


  • A Mind Bender can convert an entire Centipede by converting its head or any segment.
  • All Segments can be killed by one single Knight, because their stats are like a Warrior, unless some segments have extra defence in forest or mountain tiles. Then it needs an boosted Knight or an Navalon.