Chivalry is a Tier Three technology that unlocks the Knight, a powerful attacking mounted unit that can travel far distances and has the Persist skill, allowing Knights to attack again after killing a unit. Chivalry also unlocks the Burn Forest ability, allowing forest tiles to be burned into a field tile with crops for five stars.

Farming can only be researched after Free Spirit has been researched.


Aquarion has the technology Spearing instead of Chivalry. Spearing unlocks the Tridention, a powerful ranged swimming unit with the dash and escape skills, instead of the Knight.


  • Despite not being able to chop down forests, Σʃỹriȱŋ still has the ability to burn forests.
  • With Farming and Spiritualism, it is possible to build a farm on an empty field tile by growing a Forest, burning it, and building a farm. This is a very expensive method of gaining population (costing 15 stars), but can be the only way to get a decent amount of population from an empty field tile.


Burn forest

The Burn Forest icon

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