Units can move and engage in combat. Different units have different stats that can also benefit them in combat, such as movement, attack and defence.

For information on how these stats interact, please visit the Unit stats page.

Combat Basics

When one unit attacks, it deals damage. The damage dealt depends on both the Attack stat of the attacking unit and the Defence stat of the defending unit. If the defending unit is left alive and the attacking unit is in its attack range, it will deal retaliation based on its defence stat, regardless of the defence stat of the attacker. If the defending unit is killed, the attacker will not suffer any consequences.

Formula for Damage

Formula posted by Midjiwan

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var attackForce:Number=attacker.attack*(

var defenceForce:Number=defender.defence*(

var totalDamage:Number=attackForce+defenceForce

var attackResult:Number= Math.round((attackForce/totalDamage)*attacker.attack*accelerator)

Attacker's attack is multiplied by their current health divided by their maximum health. (attackForce)

Defender's defense is multiplied by their current health divided by their maximum health. (defenceForce)

Then, attackForce and defenceForce are added together to create totalDamage.

attackForce is divided by totalDamage. The result is multiplied by both the attacker's attack and 4.5.

Zone of Control

Units in the thick of combat may have limited movement based on their surrounding units.

If a unit moves adjacent to an enemy unit or starts the turn beside it, it can only move a maximum of one more tile, regardless of its total movement score.


This Knight normally has a movement stat of 3, however it cannot move past the adjacent swordsman.


Units may also have certain skills that influence the way they can be used in battle. Usually, units must either attack or move in one turn, however the 'dash' skill allows you to attack after moving, and 'escape' allows the inverse; to move after attacking. There are many more skills in-game that also help dictate the role of a unit in combat.

For a full list of skills and more information on how unit skills work, visit the Unit skills page.

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