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The Crab is the super unit of the Aquarion tribe. It has slightly faster and bulkier than the Giant, but it can also freely travel between land and water, instead of b. However Free Diving or Fishing needs to be researched for travel in ocean.

The Crab has a strong attack and defence, even while in water. Although the Crab's movement is reduced to one when traveling on land, Crabs have the Escape ability, allowing them to attack a unit, and then retreat, effectivly making them faster than the Giant on land. In addition, with the Path of the Ocean update, the Crab retains its two movement on the water, and still has the Dash ability, allowing it to keep up with naval assaults better than before.

Strengths and weaknesses[]

Crabs are good for:

  • Sieging cities. A Crab has 5 defence and 40 health, which makes it bulkier than a Giant. This makes it more effective at sieging cities, with the amount of health and the defence making it hard to kill the attacking crab, and the 5 defence usually killing, or at least dealing a significant amount of damage, to any unit that is trying to break the siege.
  • Ending a siege. Upgrading a city to level 5+ can unleash a Crab that can take the place of a sieging unit, and due to its high defence and health, it will be difficult to kill the Crab to siege again.
  • Clearing out tanks. The Crab has a lot of attack and defence, and can easily outclass any other melee units. As such, they can be used successfully to clear out the defenders, tanking for the squishier units and letting Tridentions through the gaps to take those out.

Crabs aren't good for:

  • Fighting units with Suprise. Although the Crab has a high defence, since both Daggers and Phychi have Suprise, their retaliation damage won't severely cripple them, therefore not allowing for your Tridentions to kill them in one hit.
  • Fighting large quantities of strong units. Large amounts of Swordsmen and Knights can easily overwhelm a Crab. Mind Benders are a huge threat as well as they will force the Crab to keep retreating until it's forced to be disbanded if there are enough mind benders there.
  • Chasing ranged units. Although the Crab has high attack and defence, it fails to defend itself from ranged units. Archers can continuously back up and fire while Catapults' attack is so high that the Crab will be severely weakened before it can attack, if it can even attack at all.



  • The crab attacks with a sword, like the Giant.
  • Prior to the Path of the Ocean update, the Crab had 4 defence and 1 movement.