The Crab is a unit exclusive to the Aquarion tribe, similar to the Amphibian and Tridention. It's their equivalent of a Giant. However, they can be converted to another tribe using Mind Benders, and the stripe on top of them will change color, according to the tribe that converted it.

Unlike the Giant, it can’t board a boat at a Port. This makes Crabs significantly slower to mobilize than Giants. The only ways a Crab can move more than one space in a turn is using its escape skill after attacking, or Roads.

Although the Crab has the swim skill, it still needs Sailing or Riding tech to be researched in order to swim in shallow water and Free Diving or Navigation to swim in ocean.


  • Attack: 4
  • Defence: 4
  • Movement: 1
  • Health: 40
  • Range: 1
  • Cost: n/a
  • Skills: Escape, Swim

Strengths and Weaknesses

Crabs are good for:

  • Fighting Boat swarms. The crab, unlike the Giant, maintains its high stats while in the water, allowing it to easily dispose of clustered Boats and Ships when they are trapped. The Crab can also pursue the units onto land without losing any previous functionality.
  • Clearing land armies. The Crab, on land, acts functionally similar to the giant, except with an extra movement point with escape. This allows it to clear through masses of land units quicker than other Super Units from human tribes.

Crabs aren't good for:

  • Fighting Battleships. Their high maneuverability and ranged attack is more than enough to defeat a crab, you simply won't be able to catch up before you are obliterated.
  • Dueling Giants. Giants have an advantage in 1-on-1 combat, as they have one more attack point. Your escape ability will do nothing except help you flee the fight, which you should.



Warrior, Rider, Archer, Swordsman, Catapult, Knight, Defender, Giant, Boat, Ship, Battleship, Mind Bender, Amphibian, Tridention, Crab, Polytaur, Navalon, Dragon Egg, Baby Dragon, Fire Dragon, Mooni, Ice Archer, Battle Sled, Ice Fortress, Gaami, Nature Bunny, Scout (removed), Guard Tower (removed)
Ruin Rewards
Battleship, Crab, Explorer, Giant, Population, Population Growth, Stars, Super Unit, Technology
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