The Cymanti are a breakout group of Polytopians who moved to the swampy forests and learned to live with the Ciru Bug, which attaches to their faces and merges with their brains.
Led by their Shaman, the Cymanti train gigantic bugs, use their enemies to fertilize their fungi farms, and utilize crippling poisons to vanquish all who would threaten their marshy home!

-Tribe description

The Cymanti tribe is the fourth special tribe and the 16th tribe overall in Polytopia. Cymanti starts with a modified Farming technology.

Cymanti is the most unique tribe to date, having eight unique units, which have six unique skills, and four unique buildings. Cymanti can also spread Algae across water and poison enemy units.

Special Features

As a special tribe, Cymanti has modified technologies that unlock unique units, buildings, and abilities.

For a list of Cymanti's unique units, see Units. For a list of Cymanti's unique unit skills, see Unit Skills. For a list of Cymanti's unique buildings, see Buildings.

Technology Replaces Unlocks
Tier One
Riding Hexapod
Tier Two
Archery Phychi, defence bonus in forest
Farming Fungi
Hydrology Sailing Algae
Roads Mycelium, Network task
Shields Kiton
Tier Three
Mathematics Exida, Sawmill
Oceanology Navigation Raychi, Explorer task
Philosophy Shaman, Literacy, Genius task
Recycling Construction Decompose
Shock Tactics Chivalry Doomux
Trade Clathrus, Wealth task


Cymanti has +mountain and spores in place of crops. Spores have a forced spawn, meaning Cymanti is guaranteed at least two spores in their starting city.

Cymanti fruit.png
Cymanti forest.png
Cymanti game.png
Cymanti mountain.png


Cymanti Appearance.png

  • Fruit: Aphea Nectar (droplets of nectar)
  • Animal: Lytheti (yellow caterpillar)
  • Field: Dark green moss-covered fields with reddish-brown soil
  • Forest: Tall trees resembling redwoods
  • Mountain: A large mound of soil
  • City: Hives with varying amounts of holes, bumps, and black spots
  • Helmet: Ciru Bug (a tan insect with two large eyes)


Main article: Cymanti/Strategy


Naming Syllables

aph, bio, bo, ca, ce, chy, ci, co, cy, di, dio, ea, exo, hex, ho, ia, ich, li, lo, ly, my, neo, ner, phy, pod, rhi, seg, sis, sy, ta, the, tic, um, zi, zo

City Buildings


  • In the ambience playing throughout Cymanti lands, the sounds of dripping water and insects are heard.
  • The Cymanti tribe head is the only tribe head to have unique eyes. (the "normal eyes" are covered by the bug)
  • Even though some of Cymanti's edited technologies could be better named, Midjiwan did not want to change too many technology names.
  • Many aspects of Cymanti, including the Doomux and Phychi, were inspired by the anime Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.
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