By HelloIAmBush

The general strategy is to buy fungi so you get level 2 city on T1. You can still make a second unit like T0 tribe on T1 (warrior). Get riding/archery for fast expansion, depending on terrain, and later on, Shock tactics and Centipedes are your powerhouse, while your support are Exidas and Shamans.

You can also get a Clathrus going in mid-to-late game, as you can’t spam expensive units and upgrades without them, unless you have a ton of high level cities.

To explore overseas, research archery. The unit that the tech provides, the Psychi, is able to fly over water, and it’s cheaper to do than researching Oceanology and training Raychi. As well as this, Raychi can’t move onto land, so it cannot capture inland villages.

Raychi can be used to create bridges for land units, as each time they explode, they leave algae on their death spot, even outside your borders and in enemy borders, making it an effective support unit in late game alongside being an attack unit, as it can make bridges for Doomux and centipedes.

You can also kill poisoned units to create spores. This will help you upgrade your cities even further/defend against enemies, because as said, units who step on fungi (that aren't the Cymanti tribe) get poisoned. Same goes for algae, kill poisoned units on sea to create algae.

Is your opponent using that annoying walled defender? Poison them! Not only will it remove their defense bonus, it will also decrease their defense by 20%. These guys really hate people with fortify.

Since all the farms in their borders transform to spores, they can do great paired with tribes like Elyrion, Zebasi, Imperius, Aquarion… Any tribe that has a lot of farms.

However, since they don't have much of a problem using other tech to upgrade, tribes with less farms will not stop Cymanti anyhow.

Domination Normal/Hard (min. 4 opponents) Strategy by BasilBrushWasHere

The key to the Cymanti are their ability to farm across multiple turns and the Doomuxes.

Turn 0: Move your Shaman anywhere and grow fungi (you're guaranteed at least 2 spores in your capital).

Turn 1: Your capital will upgrade this turn. Don't spend any stars and continue to let your shaman explore but NOT land on a city - if any ruins are in sight, go for them.

Turn 2: Turn another spores tile into fungi. If you're at a ruin, great. If not, don't worry but still don't get any cities.

Turn 3: Your capital will upgrade again now so you'll have 10 stars to spend (DO NOT GET CITY WALLS!). Buy the Riding Tech, train a hexapod but still do not get another city. If you've received Riding from a ruin, get Free Spirit, but don't train a hexapod.

Turn 4: If you haven't got either Hunting or Free Spirit from a ruin yet, get either of them but Hunting is better if you are near a lot of water. Still, do not get a second city and consider getting your Shaman back to your capital unless a ruin is still in sight. If you've trained a hexapod in Turn 3, move it in the opposite direction that the Shaman went in.

Turn 5: If last turn you got Hunting, now get Archery. If not, get Shock Tactics. Keep getting that Shaman back to your capital. Spawn a second hexapod.

Turn 6: Move either a hexapod or Shaman onto a city now. If you want, get a Phychi but definitely get a new hexapod.

Turn 7: If you are now waiting to capture a city, leave it on the camp but do not get it yet. If you've encountered an enemy by now, maybe move a second hexapod or your Shaman near to them for backup but don't put your Shaman in the the "no man's land".

Turn 8: Continue to move your hexapods (and Phychi) outwards. If you didn't get them before, you should be able to get the Shock Tactics and Free Spirit techs now. Then get a new city - if multiple on offer, get the one with the most spores and get upgrading.

Turn 9: Should you not have Climbing through a ruin by now, get it. If you have the option of getting a 3rd city, do. Again, if there's a choice, go for the one with the most spores.

Turn 10: Now prepare to turn offensive. With 3 cities now, and hopefully your Shaman back at your capital, get any wild animals/spores left but ensuring you have a minimum of 3 stars left.

Turn 11: At the city nearest your Shaman, spawn a Doomux and move 1/2 hexapods nearer to the shaman also, within a 1 block radius.

Turn 12: From now it's fairly simple, as you need to concentrate on getting your highest level city up to 'Giant' level (Level 5). If you got a Centipede from a ruin, move it towards the enemy as they should definitely be on your map by now, spawning Doomuxes near to your Shaman.

Turn 13/14: When your Shaman is surrounded by 2 Doomuxes, use the Shaman's boost ability, and then send them towards the enemy. Should you have enough stars, get Fishing/Organisation/Meditation. Feel free to get cities, but have no more than 6.

Turn 15: Use Phychi to explore but try and now only spawn Doomuxes and move them into battle, exploding them if more than 2 enemies are near them. If you didn't get Meditation from Turn 13/14 or a ruin, save up for it now, or buy it if you can.

Turn 16-18: If not already bought, get the Meditation tech. Keep on getting Doomuxes and then, when your Shaman is surrounded by 2 or more of them, boost them and send them to fight. Hopefully none of your cities are taken by now so you should have 6 of them.

Turn 19-21: Get a new city and Philosophy, then begin to get Shaman's positioning one per city, and recreating the Shaman/Doomux boost strategy per city.

Turn 22-24: If your world is particularly watery, consider getting Oceanology and Hydrology, then spawning Raychis and killing them, to form bridges to new places.

Turn 25: It's mostly plain sailing now and so the only other tech you might need is Roads if 2 of your cities are not yet 'Giant' level. Enjoy.

NB: If doing Glory, consider working towards Trade, then getting Clathrus', instead of Hydrology and Oceanology.

If you do not get any ruins, it's worth restarting the game, the same for if you encounter your enemy before Turn 3.

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