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The Doomux is a highly mobile unit with high health, attack, and defence. It is exclusive to the Cymanti tribe and replaces the Knight. The Doomux is stronger than the Knight overall; however, Cymanti cannot build roads, so the movement of the Doomux may be more limited than that of the Knight.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]


  • Stronger against stronger unit swarms. The explode splash damage will deal 10 damage to all adjacent enemies, which is considerably more effective when taking on Giants or Swordsmen compared to Knights.
  • Tanking damage. Compared to Knights, which are relatively fragile and can have their killing potential greatly reduced by just taking a bit of damage, the Doomux remains a threat until it dies. Since exploding always deals damage equal to 50% of your current health, the Doomux can still deliver solid damage after taking damage.
  • Attacking through rough terrain. The ability to cross Forests and Mountains without stopping or the need for Roads means that you can strike unpredictably through areas your opponent cannot cross effectively.
  • Mass production in the late game.


  • Weaker against cheap unit swarms. The lack of Persist means that even though you can still deal good damage against cheaper swarms of Warriors and Riders, they will never be able to clear as much units as a Knight could in that scenario.
  • Clearing Catapults. Again due to lack of Persist, Cymanti does not have the capability to clear large Catapult chains as Knights can.
  • High cost. Their increased cost compared to Knights and even Tridentions will make them less affordable for a smaller empire. However, given the cheap nature of most Cymanti units, spending a large sum on one unit will not hinder your war efforts by that much.