The Dragon Egg is the unique super unit for the ∑∫ỹriȱŋ. It is a pink egg with no attack that grows into a Baby Dragon at the end of three turns after the Dragon Egg is spawned, including the turn of its spawning, and then a Fire Dragon after 3 more.

Since the Baby Dragon and Fire Dragon are very powerful, it is advised to keep the Dragon Egg away from enemies to protect it.

The Dragon Egg should not be relied on to push enemies out of your cities, since it's very weak. But you can use it, so your enemy wont easily get an Superunit, after the city is captured.

It is possible to put the egg into a boat, and it will evolve into a Baby Dragon after the 3 turn time frame has passed. This can be helpful for moving the Egg to a better place to evolve.

An Egg that has been converted to another tribe by a Mind Bender will grow into a Baby Dragon. 

A Dragon Egg can only be obtained from ruins if the ruin is on land.

A dragon egg can independently take actions like breaking ice and recovering health.

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