The Battle of Polytopia contains many confirmed Easter eggs (hidden features) added over time in different updates. Note that Easter eggs are intentional, while bugs are not.

Nature Bunnies

In single-player, tapping an unoccupied tile in your territory ten times will spawn a Nature Bunny unit. Nature Bunnies have the Crush skill, enabling them to destroy any building and units on tiles they move to. Just like any other unit, Nature Bunnies can attack, kill, and be killed. Also, although Nature Bunnies can enter cities, they cannot capture cities, and when they do, they can disappear suddenly on the next turn.

Nature Bunnies cannot be spawned in multiplayer (both Pass & Play and online).

Luxidoor Easter Egg

Even if you do not own Luxidoor, there is still a 10% chance of Luxidoor appearing as an opponent in your (single-player) games. The official reason for this Easter egg is that it is an “apology” for Luxidoor is more expensive than other tribes. Note that you can force Luxidoor to spawn if you do not own them by playing a 1v1 game and disabling all the tribes you own (except the tribe you are playing).

In Moonrise, this Easter egg was extended to all unowned tribes since the Steam port includes all regular tribes (including Luxidoor).

Mixed Tribes Easter Egg

Mixed tribes easter egg instagram

The Instagram post announcing the Mixed Tribes Easter egg

If you have two tribes with three stars each, you can combine them in the tribe selection screen on mobile by tapping and holding the icons for both tribes or on Steam by holding down the alt key, clicking one tribe's icon, then clicking and holding the other tribe's icon (while still holding down the alt key).

The tribe you tap first determines the first four characters of the name, the city style, and the unit style of the mixed tribe. The tribe you tap second determines the last three characters of the name, the terrain style, and the technologies (including the starting and special technologies) of the mixed tribe.

If you played as a certain combination of tribes and got a certain percentage or score, the game will save this score if you play the same combination at another time.

Basically, the mixed tribe has the gameplay of the second tribe but some of the aesthetics of the first tribe.

Floating or Sinking City

Mixed tribes and floating city

An example of both the floating city and the Mixed Tribes Easter eggs

Tapping the tiles on the bottom left and the bottom right of a city alternatively causes the city to float or sink. Tapping on the bottom left first causes the city to rise into the sky while tapping on the bottom right first causes the city to sink into the ground.

This change is purely cosmetic and does not prevent your city from being attacked or sieged.

Training a unit from the city or ending your turn reverts this change.



The Instagram post hinting at the Sunrise Easter egg captioned, "Sometimes it takes up to 15 seconds to reach enlightenment."

Holding the starry night sky background for 15 seconds, then releasing, causes a "sunrise." The sky will change to a pinkish-yellow color similar to the main menu. Holding the background for 15 seconds again or relaunching the game reverts this change.

Multiplayer Friend Codes

If you try to add yourself as a friend, the following message appears:

Me, myself & I
Seems like you tried to add yourself as a friend. That might sound like a nice thing to do but it would add an existential layer to the game that we cannot handle at the moment. Please submit a player ID of someone else.
If you try to add a friend but submit an empty player ID, the following message appears:
The player ID you entered was complete empty! You should not try to make friends with the void, it is a very lonely path.

∑∫ỹriȱŋ Language

If you own and have a three-star rating with the ∑∫ỹriȱŋ tribe, the one of the languages available in the settings menu will be the ∑∫ỹriȱŋ language. That language was developed by Zoythrus, the community and PR manager for Polytopia.

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