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Easter eggs are intentional hidden features.


Mixed Tribes Easter Egg[]

The Instagram post hinting at the Mixed Tribes Easter egg

The Mixed Tribes Easter egg allows players to merge two tribes in the tribe selection screen, as long as the player has three stars on both of the tribes. To merge two tribes on mobile, hold the tribes' icons simultaneously. To merge two tribes on Steam, hold down the alt key, click the first tribe's icon, then hold the second tribe's icon. (Hold down the alt key until the merge is completed.) As two tribes merge, sparks travel between their icons.

Mixed tribes have the gameplay features of the second tribe selected and some of the aesthetics of the first tribe selected. Specifically, the first tribe determines the first four characters of the name, the city style, and the unit style of the mixed tribe, while the second tribe determines the last three characters of the name, the terrain style, and the technology (including starting and special technology, where applicable) of the mixed tribe.

Mixed tribes can only be used in single-player. High scores for mixed tribes are saved in the Throne Room.

Nature Bunny[]

A Nature Bunny

The Nature Bunny is a unit spawned by tapping an unoccupied tile in the player's territory ten times. It can destroy any building it moves onto. It can only be spawned in single-player.

A Nature Bunta

During the December holiday season, the Nature Bunny is replaced by the Nature Bunta. It resembles Santa Claus in appearance and has the same stats and abilities as the Nature Bunny.


The Instagram post about the sunrise Easter egg. It is captioned, "Sometimes it takes up to 15 seconds to reach enlightenment."

The night sky background can be changed into a pink-to-yellow "sunrise" color gradient by holding the background for 15 seconds and then releasing it. This change can be reverted by holding the background for 15 seconds again or by relaunching the game.

Unowned Tribes[]

The Luxidoor head

The Luxidoor tribe can appear as an opponent in single-player games for mobile players that do not own the tribe. This is related to Luxidoor being more expensive than other tribes.[1]

This Easter egg is extended to all unowned tribes in the Steam version.

Before Moonrise, in single-player, disabling all but one tribe would force Luxidoor to be the opponent due to the this Easter Egg, even if the player did not own Luxidoor. (In Moonrise, doing this results in a mirror match.)

∑∫ỹriȱŋ Language[]

The ∑∫ỹriȱŋ head

The ∑∫ỹriȱŋ language is an Easter egg available to players that own the ∑∫ỹriȱŋ tribe. The language is found in the settings menu. It was developed by Zoythrus.


Floating or Sinking City[]

A floating city

A city will visually float or sink if the tiles on its bottom-left and bottom-right are tapped alternatingly. Tapping on the bottom-left first causes the city to rise into the sky, while tapping on the bottom-right first causes the city to sink into the ground. This change is purely cosmetic, and it is reverted when a unit is trained in the city or the turn ends.

This Easter egg was removed in 2021 for unknown reasons.


  1. Zoythrus: "Q: Why are the Luxidoor more expensive than other normal tribes? A: The official answer is that because they're a proud, wealthy people who don't like being bought by poor people. But, hey, they have a chance to show up in your games as an enemy even if you don't own them."