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Diplomatic buildings which can only be built in other tribes' capitals when players are not at war with them. Embassies reveal the surrounding eight tiles and provide monetary rewards every turn, with greater rewards between allies.

The Embassy is a building that can be built in another player's capital city, assuming the sender and the receiver are at peace with each other. It produces two stars per turn for the creator of the Embassy as well as the tribe whose capital it was built in. The income from Embassies is doubled to four stars per turn to each party if they have a Peace Treaty active. The Embassy costs 5 stars to build and is unlocked by the Diplomacy technology. Building an Embassy will additionally reveal a 3x3 area centered on the host capital city.

Embassies may only be built in capital cities controlled by its original owner, not in capitals captured by other tribes. You may only build one embassy in each tribe. Attacking a tribe (a unit or a city) will destroy the attacker's embassy in the defender's capital, if it exists, as well as the defender's embassy in the attacker's capital, if it exists. It also makes AI tribes more likely to ally the sender.

Embassies create a visible graphic in the host capital city, similar to a workshop. The dome on the embassy will have the colour of the sender, allowing other players to see who has sent an embassy to that tribe.