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The Exida is a long-range unit exclusive to the Cymanti tribe. The Exida's attack has a splash poison effect: It damages only the targeted unit, but it poisons all adjacent units. This makes the Exida well-suited for attacking groups of enemy units.

The Exida is unlocked by the Mathematics technology and replaces the Catapult. The Exida has more defence but deals less primary damage than the Catapult. The two units share many weaknesses, like slow movement and a need for protection.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]


  • Stronger against groups of units. Since it has the splash ability, the Exida can poison a lot of grouped units, weakening them and making them easier to mop up with melee units.
  • Tanking damage (compared to Catapults). The Exida has 1 defence, which is not much but is better than a Catapult's. It is able to tank damage like a Rider or Archer, allowing it to damage strongly 2 units before being killed by a 2 attack unit, while a Catapult will be left at 1 hp after 1 hit and won't be able to do much damage next turn.
  • Sieging cities. Just as Catapults, the Exida can kill units in cities from a long range for the city for it to then be sieged by a melee unit like a Swordsman. However, the Exida does this even better, especially when there is a city wall in the enemy city, since the poison cancels all defence bonuses, which makes the unit in the city very weak.


  • Killing units. Due to its 3 attack, compared to the 4 of a Catapult, the Exida can't one-shot most units, and the surviving unit, if it isn't mopped up by a melee unit, can damage the Exida or another unit, siege a city, or retreat next turn.
  • Tanking damage. As this is a strength compared to Catapults, it is also a weakness. Although the Exida has more defence than a Catapult, it still has only 1 defence and 10 health, the same as an Archer or Rider, and will be killed in 2 hits, even with a x1.5 defence bonus, by a 2 attack unit.
  • Fighting fast units. Just like the Catapult, a wave of Riders or Knights will be able to rush in starting from outside the Exida's range and kill them easily. For this reason, it is advisable to protect Exida with units, such as Defenders or Swordsmen, that can take a few hits and shield your Exida from damage.