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For the Explorer task, see Eye of God.

A Quetzali Explorer

The explorer is a figure that reveals tiles previously hidden by clouds as it moves randomly. Explorers are obtained by upgrading a city to level 2 or from a ruin.

Each explorer moves 15 times. Explorers will only move towards the fog of war if there is only one tile between where the explorer is and the clouds; otherwise, the explorer will move randomly. (Because of this, ruins more than two tiles away from the fog of war, such as those on mountain tiles, will not spawn an explorer.)

Explorers can only move onto mountain, shallow water, or ocean tiles if the appropriate technology has been researched (Climbing, Sailing, or Navigation, respectively). If those technologies are unlocked as the explorer moves, the explorer can use them immediately.

Explorers do not receive vision bonuses on mountains.

The sprite for the explorer is translucent and colored based on the tribe it belongs to. It is nearly identical to the sprite of the Scout, a removed unit, except it does not hold a staff.