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The Fire Dragon is the third and final stage of the Dragon, the super unit of the ∑∫ỹriȱŋ tribe. After 3 turns, a Baby Dragon will grow into a Fire Dragon It is a flying ranged unit with a powerful splash attack, but relatively low HP and DEF for a super unit.


As opposed to the Giant that the Regular tribes get, the Fire Dragon does not play the role of a front line unit, owing to the 6 turns required for a Dragon Egg to fully mature and its relatively low HP and DEF. Its powerful area damage attacks are instead used to safely damage or kill enemy units, creating a breakthrough for allied units to advance.

As the splash damage from its attack does not apply when defending, it is best to keep the Fire Dragon off the front line for it to continue providing value, similar to most ranged units.

The Dragon's high mobility also makes it possible for it to threaten areas several tiles longer than its range, allowing a player to station their dragons safely out of range of enemy ranged units and only momentarily expose the Dragon to potential counter-fire when an opportunity presents itself.

Because the Fire Dragon starts as a Dragon Egg, a much more vulnerable unit, and takes a whole 6 turns to mature completely, ∑∫ỹriȱŋ players should not rely on the 'giant push' strategy to relieve sieges from their cities, as the Egg will be an easy target for enemies, not only costing you a potentially extremely valuable unit in the future, but is unlikely to relieve a besieged city for very long.

The splash ability allows the Dragon to deal damage to all enemy units adjacent to their target. The splash damage is calculated as the regular damage to that target, which is then halved and rounded down. This is not the same as just calculating the damage as if the Dragon had 2 attack. For more insight, take a lot at the damage calculation.


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