Free Spirit is a tier two technology that unlocks the Temple, an expensive building whose point value increases over time, the Clear Forest ability, which turns a forest tile into a field tile and gives the player two stars, and the the Disband ability, which removes a unit and returns half of its cost.

Free Diving

Aquarion has the Free Diving technology instead of Free Spirit. Free Diving unlocks movement in ocean as well as the Temple, Clear Forest, and Disband.


Free Spirit unlocked the Scout unit until that unit was removed.

In update 2.0.49, Free Spirit gained the Clear Forest ability, which was previously unlocked by Forestry.

Archery - Spiritualism
Forestry - Mathematics
Roads - Trade
Free Spirit - Chivalry
Farming - Construction
Shields - Diplomacy
Sailing - Navigation
Whaling - Aquatism
Mining - Smithery
Meditation - Philosophy
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