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The Gaami is the super unit of the Polaris tribe. It automatically freezes all adjacent tiles and enemies after it moves. It also has the freeze area unit action.  

The Gaami's main strength is its ability to automatically freeze surrounding enemies as it moves. This allows it to efficiently freeze large numbers of densely stationed enemy units, especially if it kills one of them. However, the Gaami can be easily targeted by ranged enemy units and has less health than a Giant. Also, because Polaris cannot use naval units, the Gaami moves more slowly than a Giant in a Juggernaut. Land terrain within an enemy city cannot be frozen.


During development, the Gaami had the placeholder name "Wendy" and a different sprite. This is a reference to the Wendigo, a mythical spirit that inspired the Gaami. Some game files still use this name.

In a later developmental stage, the Gaami appeared to have skis below it, similar to the Battle Sled and Ice Fortress.