The Gaami is the super unit of the Polaris tribe. However, they can be converted to another tribe using Mind Benders, and the fur of their hood will change color, according to the tribe that converted it.

Unlike other Tribes, Polaris can't use boats. This makes Gaamis slower to mobilize than Giants as long as you didn't research the Polarism technology. The only ways a Gaami can move more than one space in a turn is on Ice or Roads. With a combination of both, it can even move three tiles.

The Gaami has the freeze area ability.

The Gaami has the skills Freeze Area skill, which uses an action to freeze all tiles and enemies adjacent to the Gaami just like the Mooni and Auto Freeze skill, which does Freeze Area skill automatically after moving.

If a Gaami is converted to another tribe via a Mind Bender, the Freeze Area skill and Auto Freeze skill will turn land to the land of the tribe that now controls it, instead of ice. Water will still be turned to ice. The Gaami will still freeze enemy units, not the units of the tribe that controls it.  

Strengths and Weaknesses

Gaamis are good for:

  • Freezing large areas. While Moonies cannot move and freeze tiles on the same turn, Gaamis can, due to the "Auto Freeze" ability. This can be useful in the late game to produce stars via an Ice Bank.
  • Attacking large armies. Due to the "Auto Freeze" ability, Gaamis can be useful for killing a unit in a large wall of units, then freezing the units surrounding it when the Gaami moves onto that tile.

Gaamis aren't good for:

  • Attacking units head-on. Gaamis have less attack and health than a Giant, making Gaamis easier to kill via defense. This makes it very inefficient to attack Giants with Gaamis.


  • Polaris Wendy.png
    While in early development, Gaamis had the placeholder name "Wendy". This is a reference to the Wendigo, a mythical spirit that the Gaami was inspired by.
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