The Grand Bazaar is a monument given as a reward for completing the Network Task. Like all monuments, it can only be built once per player, and provides 3 population and 400 points to the city it's in.


The Network task is activated when Roads is researched. To complete it, one must connect at least 5 cities to the capital with Roads or Trade Routes.


The Bazaar is usually a small collection of small buildings, similar to an open-air market. There are four structures in the corners that are often larger or more prominent than the rest of the structures. Some have walls and bear some similarity to their tribe's Park of Fortune, but with no clear entrance. The Elyrion Bazaar is different from all the other tribes.


  • It is usually impossible to get the Grand Bazaar on a Tiny map (121 tiles) simply due to number of cities.


Altar of Peace, Emperor's Tomb, Eye of God, Gate of Power, Grand Bazaar, Park of Fortune, Tower of Wisdom
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