Grow Forest is an ability unlocked after researching the Spiritualism technology. It allows players to grow forests on field tiles and crop tiles. It costs 5 stars to grow a forest. Forests can only be grown on tiles in your territory.

With this ability, it is possible to create forest tiles within your empire to build Forest Temples or Lumber Huts in. This ability works very well in conjunction with the farming tech and Burn Forest, which will allow one to burn down the forest after it is put in place to create crop on the tile, which then allows you to build a Farm and get huge Windmill bonuses. Making a farm in this way will cost 15 resources in total.

It can be used in a similar way with Forestry and Mathematics to lesser effect, since Lumber Huts provide only 1 population as opposed to a Farm's 2.

It also has a limited military use, allowing you to quickly provide units in your territory with a small defence bonus from Archery when you grow a forest on top of them, but it will also slow down your military if you don't have roads and in this case is only useful in situations where you are defending against an enemy pushing into your lands.

Clear Forest, Disband, New Horizons, Burn Forest, Destroy, Grow Forest, Literacy Bonus