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The Hexapod is a fast, hit-and-run unit exclusive to the Cymanti tribe. It has a strong attack but extremely low health. It is unlocked by the Riding technology and replaces the Rider.


The Hexapod is best trained in large numbers because of its low survivability. Building a swarm of Hexapods increases the chances that at least some will survive the enemy's turn, and any surviving Hexapod can deal a sizable amount of damage. Having multiple cities with ample open unit capacity makes it easier to train units in large numbers. Moreover, the Hexapod can ignore movement barriers imposed by terrain and enemy units because it has the creep and sneak abilities. This allows it to threaten enemy back lines, as it can move through any space between enemy units. Furthermore, the Hexapod is particularly powerful early game. Its already-high attack can be boosted by the Shaman, which allows it to kill even a Warrior in one hit. However, its low health also means that it requires assistance from other units to effectively siege enemy cities or defend against enemy invasions. And, like all units with 10 health or less, the Hexapod is vulnerable to chain attacks by the Knight, which can make Hexapod swarms unfavorable in the mid- and late-game.

The Hexapod is a formidable counter to the Defender. The Hexapod has a strong attack, so it is well suited for killing Defenders.

The Hexapod is similar to the Phychi because they both have low health but high mobility.


Hexapod old

The original Hexapod sprite


  • In early developmental phases, the Hexapod had a different sprite, with multiple spots instead of a line displaying its tribe color.