The Hexapod is a cheap, high-attack, low-health unit exclusive to the Cymanti tribe. It is unlocked with Riding and replaces the Rider. It, like other Cymanti units, is very mobile and agile at the expense of a larger health pool. Their attacks are significantly more powerful than Riders, able to destroy Riders in one hit in many scenarios. However, they will also die in one hit to most other units such as Archers and Riders.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Cheap and powerful early-game rushes. The Hexapod only costs 2 stars, allowing a Cymanti player to potentially train one on Turn 1. Additionally, with their 3 attack and agility from unit skills, they are a serious threat to any nearby enemies. They synergize well with the Shaman, as being Boosted by them will allow Hexapods to kill even Warriors in open terrain in one hit. However, make sure you have enough population space and cities to produce these continuously, as they will have a very low survivability in the field.
  • Bypassing enemy units. The Hexapod has the Creep and Sneak skills, which means it can move past enemy units and ignore terrain restriction. This makes it a very serious threat to enemy back lines, as simply spreading out units to block movement does not work against Hexapods. If even one path of empty tiles still exists, Hexapods can easily penetrate enemy defences.


  • Holding sieges. With 5 health, the Hexapod is the unit with the lowest health in the game, tied with fellow Cymanti unique unit the Phychi. This means it will die in one hit to most enemy units, making it easy for an enemy to relieve potential sieges, or even to snipe your cities if they have Hexapods on them.
  • Knights/Crowd Control. Like regular Riders, they are vulnerable to Knights, which have the potential to clear entire armies of Hexapods in one turn.
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