"The yellow autumn leaves of the Hoodrick woods are perfect hideouts for its peculiar mushroom stuffing inhabitants."
-Tribe description
Hoodrick is the sixth regular tribe in Polytopia. Hoodrick starts with the Archery technology and an Archer unit.

Hoodrick is generally considered to be an upper-mid-tier tribe comparable to Yadakk and Elyrion. Hoodrick not only can exploit its early-game access to Archers but also has many Forests (even more than Bardur has).

Forests are an especially powerful resource once Forestry is researched. They can be cleared, and the number of stars multiple Forests are worth is substantial (especially early-game). This versatile option allows you to upgrade cities by harvesting other resources, train units, and buy technologies per your needs. Alternatively, Lumber Huts can be used (often in conjunction with Sawmills) to quickly upgrade cities and obtain Super Units. Either way, Forests allow for very quick economic growth. Forests also provide an additional bonus for Hoodrick: since it starts with the Archery technology, Hoodrick units immediately receive a defense bonus in Forests.

However, Hoodrick is not a top-tier tribe due to the relatively long time it takes for Hoodrick to research Forestry and fully exploit their resources. Consider how Bardur immediately has access to Forestry, while Hoodrick needs to purchase Hunting first.


Hoodrick has +Forest and -Mountain.

Hoodrick fruit
Hoodrick forest
Hoodrick game
Hoodrick mountain


  • Fruit: Quissberries (raspberries)
  • Land: Olive green-colored fields with pale soil
  • Forests: Maple trees with yellow- and orange-colored autumn leaves
  • Animals: Hooxe (bull)
  • Mountains: Hills considerably less tall than other tribes' mountains
  • Cities: Medieval English-style cottages and castle-like structures
  • Helmet: Green bycocket hat with red feather
  • Color: Brown


  • Hoodrick tribe day
    2019 Tribe Day: The Helarda Pillars were built to commemorate the unity of the Hoodrick people after a period of turmoil. Each of the 4 arms represents a core ideal in Hoodrick society: Justice, Kindness, Nature, and Accuracy.
  • Hoodrick Tribe Moon
    2020 Tribe Moon: The Hoodrick are known throughout the Square for their baked goods. Quissberries can be made into pies, cobblers, tarts, fritters, breads, jams, and a multitude of other delightful confections, and even their enemies have to agree that no one can bake like the Hoodrick.
  • Web Shop: The Hoodrick Quissberry tea is known all over Polytopia for its refreshing and mind sharpening abilities.
  • Web Shop: If you ever encounter a Hooxe in the woods, be sure to always carry a handful of Hurgh mushrooms in your pocket. This might prevent unnecessary death, since the Hooxes are crazy about this rare delicacy.


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Archers and Giants are an effective combination: Giants move forward, protecting the Archers, while Archers stay behind and hit enemy units with their ranged attack.

City Buildings


The Battle of Polytopia Hoodrick Theme

The Battle of Polytopia Hoodrick Theme

  • Hoodrick is directly inspired by the English Robin Hood, as Zoythrus confirmed. The Hoodrick hat is a bycocket hat, which were common throughout medieval Western Europe.
  • In the ambience playing throughout Hoodrick lands, a strong wind blowing through leaves and grass, birds chirping, and a noise resembling an instrument of sorts or woodpecker drumming are heard.
  • Despite being very fond of mushrooms, there are none to be found in Hoodrick lands.
  • Hoodrick is the first tribe (in release order) that starts the game with a tier two technology.
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