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The yellow autumn leaves of the Hoodrick woods are perfect hideouts for its peculiar mushroom stuffing inhabitants.
-Tribe description

Hoodrick is the sixth tribe in Polytopia. It is a regular tribe that starts with the Archery technology and an Archer unit.

Hoodrick is a mid-tier tribe weaker than Yădakk and ∑∫ỹriȱŋ but stronger than Oumaji and Quetzali. Hoodrick has immediate access to Archers. Also, Hoodrick has the most forests, which not only can be used to build Lumber Huts and Sawmills but also provide a defence bonus to Hoodrick units (since Hoodrick's starting technology, Archery, unlocks the defence bonus in forest).


Hoodrick has 1.5x forest and 0.5x mountain.

Hoodrick fruit.png
Hoodrick forest.png
Hoodrick game.png
Hoodrick mountain.png
1.5x 0.5x


The Hoodrick are crafty folk known for their skills with a bow. When they’re not baking cakes and taming Hooxe, they’re sending a rain of arrows upon unsuspecting foes!
-Zoythrus on Steam

Tribe Celebrations[]

  • The 2019 Hoodrick Tribe Day poster

    2019 Tribe Day: The Helarda Pillars were built to commemorate the unity of the Hoodrick people after a period of turmoil. Each of the 4 arms represents a core ideal in Hoodrick society: Justice, Kindness, Nature, and Accuracy.
  • The 2020 Hoodrick Tribe Moon poster

    2020 Tribe Moon: The Hoodrick are known throughout the Square for their baked goods. Quissberries can be made into pies, cobblers, tarts, fritters, breads, jams, and a multitude of other delightful confections, and even their enemies have to agree that no one can bake like the Hoodrick.
  • The 2021 Hoodrick Tribe Moon poster

    2021 Tribe Moon: No one really remembers why the Hoodrick and the Bardur split apart so long ago, but this split formed one of the Square's most special and bitter inter-tribal rivalries. Ranging from brutal raids to petty displays of superiority, the Hood-Bard Rivalry shows no signs of stopping any time soon.


  • The Hoodrick Quissberry tea is known all over Polytopia for its refreshing and mind sharpening abilities.[1]
  • If you ever encounter a Hooxe in the woods, be sure to always carry a handful of Hurgh mushrooms in your pocket. This might prevent unnecessary death, since the Hooxes are crazy about this rare delicacy.[2]


The Hoodrick tribe seems to be based off of Medieval European, particularly English/British, culture, due to their very European oak forests and architectural style. Their appearance and starting technology also seem to be based off of the British folktale of Robin Hood, Hoodrick is directly inspired by and named after the legendary English Robin Hood.[3]


Hoodrick Appearance.JPG

  • Fruit: Quissberries (raspberries)
  • Animal: Hooxe (bull)
  • Field: Olive green-colored fields with pale soil
  • Forest: Maple trees with yellow- and orange-colored autumn leaves
  • Mountain: Hills considerably less tall than other tribes' mountains
  • City: Medieval English-style cottages and castle-like structures
  • Helmet: Green bycocket hat (common throughout medieval Western Europe) with red feather

City Naming Syllables[]

ber, don, go, ick, in, ley, lo, ol, ry, th, wa, we

City Buildings[]