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The Ice Archer is a unit exclusive to the Polaris tribe that has the ability to freeze enemy units from a distance. The Ice Archer are unlocked with the Archery technology and replace the Archer. The Ice Archer regularly does not deal any damage when attacking, as it freezes the targeted enemy instead.


  • Dash: The Ice Archer can move and attack in the same turn.
  • Freeze: The Ice Archer's attack freezes it's target, making it unable to do anything the next turn,
  • Fortify: The Ice Archer gets a defense bonus when placed on a friendly city.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]

Ice Archers are good at:

  • Back-end support. The Ice Archer range combined with the freeze ability allow them to completely stop enemies from retaliating.
  • Taking down giants. Combined with other high damage units or Mind Benders giants can easily be destroyed or converted.

Ice Archers aren't good at:

  • Being left alone. An Ice Archer can incapacitate one other unit at a time, but it requires every action until support arrives. If there are more enemy units than there are The Ice Archer in an all Ice Archer army, the Ice Archer will lose.
  • Damaging enemies. The Ice Archer do not deal damage, so any tactic requiring them to do damage won't work.


  • The "ice arrow" projectile is unique to the Ice Archer.
  • The Ice Archer can deal some damage if it is boosted by a Shaman.