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The Ice Fortress is a powerful ranged unit exclusive to the Polaris tribe. The Ice Fortress is unlocked with the Polar Warfare technology.

They are slow and don't have dash, but have high stats as well as a ranged attack. They excel in holding choke points with their powerful cannon attack, and are a tough target to take down with their potential 25 hp, the highest of a trainable unit in the game.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]

Ice Fortresses are good for:

  • Defending cities. Although they do not have the fortify skill they have much higher health than other troops with the same defence. In addition their range allows them to get an extra hit off of troops that move only one space per turn.
  • Attacking nearby cities. Their range allows them to stay behind front-line troops while barraging the enemy. Also Their high heath and high defence make it difficult for enemies to retaliate.

Ice Fortresses aren't good for:

  • Attacking inland cities. They move very slow on land so attacking any inland city far away from your cities with Ice Fortresses is inefficient.
  • Exploring. They are bad at exploring land because they move so slowly. Ice Fortresses are mediocre at exploring oceans because of their scout skill, however they can't freeze terrain, so they can't explore any further than two spaces from land.


  • Leonardo da Vinci's sketch of a tank, which inspired the Ice Fortress's design.

    The Ice Fortress is based on Leonardo Da Vinci's prototype tank design.