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Huge mountains and green valleys. The Imperius climate is perfect for growing fruit.

–Tribe description

Imperius is the second tribe in Polytopia. It is a free regular tribe, and it starts with the Organization technology.

Imperius has a strong early economy, being able to upgrade their capital on Turn 0. However, the resource bias towards more fruit does negatively impact their rates of farms. Thus, compared to other tribes who can harvest tier one resources on turn 0, i.e. Kickoo or Bardur, their ability to grow in the late-game using their base resources is more limited. Imperius players might thus need to research more technologies to get Super Units or upgrade all their cities, setting them behind those other two tribes. That being said, their starting tech does put them closer to the Strategy and Diplomacy techs, giving them a potential economic lead in larger games where Embassies are more relevant.


Imperius has 0.5x wild animal and 2.0x fruit.

Imperius fruit
Imperius forest
Imperius game
Imperius mountain
2.0x 0.5x


...the Imperius [is] the Square’s most regimented and organized tribe. Imperius citizens are always ready for battle, and rarely take off their helmets, as danger could strike at any moment! They ride the hardy Mado and eat juicy Lumaepeles, and are always ready for a challenge!

–Zoythrus on Steam

Tribe Celebrations[]

  • Imperius tribeday

    The 2019 Imperius Tribe Day poster

    2019 Tribe Day: Always ready for battle, all Imperius wear their helmets at all times. It is a momentous occasion when Imperius youth receive their first helmet, which is held in high esteem.
  • Imperius Tribe Moon

    The 2020 Imperius Tribe Moon poster

    2020 Tribe Moon: The highly efficient society of the Imperius has inspired them to build grand libraries, write breathtaking stage plays, erect mighty monuments, mix delicious drinks, and maintain a multitude of beautiful gardens! You'll never find a more organized or more fun place on the Square!
  • Imperius Tribe Moon 2021

    The 2021 Imperius Tribe Moon poster

    2021 Tribe Moon: The Square's first musical superstars were the Imperius Philharmonic Orchestra, who quickly attracted Imperius citizens from all over the Empire! Remember, any rumors that the Imperius government is using the shows to hypnotize their citizens into obedience are nonsense.
  • Imperius Tribe Moon 2022

    The 2022 Imperius Tribe Moon poster

    2022 Tribe Moon: The Imperius Empire unified not through weapons, but through propaganda. It was the city-state of Sumtemus that led a clever campaign of inciting rebellions among their fellow Imperius with the help of their cabal of Cloaks, which pressured them into surrendering. May the Empire stand for many years!
  • Imperius_Tribe_Moon_2023

    Imperius Tribe Moon 2023

    The 2023 Imperius Tribe Moon video

    2023 Tribe Moon: Winemaking in Imperia is serious business, with there being numerous rules, regulations, and agencies around the growing and processing of Lumaepeles. After all, the creation of wine was instrumental in forming the Imperius as they are now, serving as the basis of the many laws they abide by today.
  • Imperius Tribe Moon 2024

    The 2024 Imperius Tribe Moon poster

    2024 Tribe Moon: Before you can enjoy the glory and splendor of Imperia, make sure you've filled out the proper forms in triplicate, mailed a signed Imperius Book of Laws, and applied for a 5-day Imperia Tourism Pass™️. If you're approved, we look forward to seeing you!


  • The Mado horses of the Imperius empire are strong and versatile. Every family worthy of some respect have at least two of them. They're always black and shiny, and ready to carry their masters on new adventures.[1]
  • Imperius Citizens love the taste of a perfectly tempered wine made of Lumaepeles, in fact that's the only beverage they ever drink. Hot in the winter, iced in the summer, and sometimes mixed with Limi flower seeds (for that extra kick...).[2]


The Imperius are inspired by Greco-Roman culture. Their trees resemble the cypress trees found in Mediterranean climates, and their "white marble" architecture is reminiscent of Greek and Roman structures. Their helmets are also in the style of Classical Greek helmets (e.g. Corinthian or Chalcidian helmets, and their Roman derivatives) with a red plume. Their city naming syllables also use Latinate sounds and syllables, as well as the name Imperius potentially being constructed from the Latin word imperium (empire) with a modified 2nd-declension ending. Winemaking, which was also an important aspect to Greek culture, is shown as equally important to the Imperius.


Imperius Appearance
  • Fruit: Lumaepeles (apples)
  • Animal: Mado horses (black horses)
  • Field: Green fields and brown soil, identical to that of Xin-xi
  • Forest: Cypress trees
  • Mountain: Grey, snow-capped mountains
  • City: White stone with blue flags, Greek domes, and columns.
  • Helmet: Greek-style helmets

City Naming Syllables[]

ca, do, ica, ip, lo, lus, ma, mo, mus, nu, pi, re, res, ro, sum, te

City Buildings[]



Imperius Music
Link Description
"Imperius Enia" By the Polytopia Philharmonic Orchestra. Published by Polytopia Music.
Lirepacci Skin theme.


Lirepacci Skin[]

The scholarly Lirepacci have ventured out of Imperia to gain new perspectives on life through warfare, the study of other cultures, and hours of philosophical debate.

–Lirepacci skin description

The splash screen for the Lirepacci skin in the Tribe Selection menu.

The Lirepacci skin was added in the second skin pack for Polytopia. They wear a golden laurel wreath instead of the Imperius helmet, a toga with a blue sash replacing the normal body, and sandals on their feet.

  • The animals are replaced with a brown saiga antelope with white spots, known as the Chamica.
  • The fruit are replaced with purple grapes, known as Uveppi.
  • The city buildings are all white with blue accents, without the blue domes or red roofs.
  • The Warriors and Riders use a scroll as a weapon instead of a club.
  • The Mind Benders wear a full white cloak with a blue scarf.

Unique Resources[]

City Buildings[]


  • Lirepacci old weapon

    The weapon initially replacing the club

    In one iteration of the Lirepacci skin, they were known as "Lirepaci" and their description read, "Wearing laurels forged from their own helmets and charged with preserving the law in Imperius society, the Lirepaci are here to bring order to the Square."[3]
    • At this stage in development, the sprite for the club weapon used by Lirepacci Warriors and Riders was a different spiked club. It currently appears as a scroll.
    • Lirepacci old head

      The old version of the Lirepacci head

      There also exists an old version of the Lirepacci head with more detailed leaves in the laurel headpiece.
  • The Lirepacci skin is currently referred to in game files as "Scholar."
  • The Lirepacci animal, the Chamica, was originally intended to be used by the Ancients.


  • Imperius was the first tribe to be designed by Midjiwan.[citation needed]
  • In early 2018, the Imperius head was updated with more detailed graphics.

    The original Imperius head

  • Imperius' terrain spawn rates were changed in update 2.0.58. Imperius previously had the default spawn rates for all resources (Luxidoor now does). However, games with only Polaris (which does not have its own terrain outside its territory) still default to generating the map from Imperius terrain.
  • The "leader" of the Imperius tribe is named "Dopilus".


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