The Imperius tribe is one of the 14 tribes. They are one of the original four free tribes in the game, the others being Bardur, Xin-Xi, and Oumaji. They start off with the Organization technology. They are based off of Greco-Roman culture, with a name that appears to reference "Imperium" (Latin for 'empire'), as well as Greek-style helmets.

In-game description:

"Huge mountains and green valleys. The climate in Imperia is perfect for growing fruit."

Appearance Edit

  • Fruit: Lumaepeles (Apples)
  • Land: Green fields
  • Forests: Tall, thin, cypress trees
  • Animals: Mado Horse (Black horse)
  • Mountains: Same shape as Bardur, gray and snow-capped
  • Cities: White stone with blue windows, Greek domes and temple like buildings
  • Helmet: Spartan helmet with feathered crest
  • Color: Blue

NOTE: All official names for fruits, game etc. are taken from the official web shop.

Imperius Tribe Origins Edit

Tribe Origins- The Mighty Imperius and the Roman Empire

Tribe Origins- The Mighty Imperius and the Roman Empire

Imperius Theme Edit

The Battle Of Polytopia Imperius Theme

The Battle Of Polytopia Imperius Theme

City Buildings Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In early 2018, the Imperius head was changed.
  • According to the Web Shop, the Imperius tribe's favourite (And most consumed) drink is tempered wine made out of "Lumaepeles" and sometimes with "Limi" flower seeds.
    Large 2

    The old Imperius Head.

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