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The Juggernaut is a naval unit introduced in the Path of the Ocean Beta.

When a Giant moves into a port, it becomes a Juggernaut. Like Rammers, these ships do not have a ranged attack. Instead, they have a unique skill called stomp, which damages all enemies adjacent to the juggernaut anytime it moves.

When a Giant moves onto a port or when the Giant disembarks, it also does stomp damage.


Tribe Skins[]


  • Juggernaut alpha

    A Sha-po Juggernaut from before Path of the Ocean.

    In an early developmental stage prior to the Path of the Ocean beta, Juggernauts were intended for transport and could not attack.[1] This was reflected in their appearance as a Giant sitting on a raft.[2]
  • Juggernaut old

    A Juggernaut from the Path of the Ocean Beta

    In the Path of the Ocean beta, Juggernauts had 2 movement, 3 attack, 3 defense, and 3 range but lacked the stiff skill. Their appearance included a cannon to reflect their ranged nature.
  • Juggernaut beta

    A Bardur Juggernaut from beta

    In beta update, Juggernauts were given their current stats. They had a different appearance, and their "Stomp" skill was then named "Smash."


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