The Kickoo tribe is one of the 14 current tribes. The Kickoo appear to be based off of the Polynesian, Southeast Asian and Amazonian native tribes. They start out with the fishing technology.

In-game description:

"White sandy beaches with coconut palms. Abundance of fruit and fish. Welcome to the home of the Kickoo."



Kickoo fruit
Kickoo forest
Kickoo game
Kickoo mountain
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  • Fruit: Bananas
  • Land: Lime Green
  • Forests: Palm Trees
  • Animals: Leoon
  • Mountains: Basalt Columns resembling Giant's Causeway
  • Cities: Grass Buildings, with pointed banana leaves or slanted sugarcane roofs
  • Helmet: Long hair to one side, red headband and green feathers
  • Color: Green


The Kickoo usually spawn on islands or watery areas, sometimes even on single blocks surrounded by water and 1-7 fish. Due to their starting tech and the abundance of resources such as fish, the Kickoo can quickly level up their cities with fishing and later ports. The watery terrain is also very helpful, as it makes building Trade Routes over water very easy, and you can sail around from island to island very quickly without the need for overland transport.

Sailing should be researched ASAP so that you can get to colonizing other islands. Naval supremacy is important as Kickoo normally starts off in island territory. Trade is also a very good technology, as that can become a main source of income.

Kickoo Theme

The Battle of Polytopia Kickoo Theme

The Battle of Polytopia Kickoo Theme

City Buildings


  • This tribe is the most purchased in-app purchase on the App Store.
  • Their fruits are bananas and are found on fields, despite bananas growing on trees and the trees being palm trees.
  • According to the official web shop, the Kickoo's most popular brew is made out of the Koi-oi birds's feathers that inhabit their lands.
  • In the ambience which plays throughout Kickoo lands, several sounds are heard. These sounds are water striking on the beach, a curious thumping sound, as if someone was playing a series of drums or instruments of sorts, and even faint sounds of what seems to be an animal roaring in the distance.
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