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White sandy beaches with coconut palms. Abundance of fruit and fish. Welcome to the home of the Kickoo.

–Tribe description

Kickoo is the fifth tribe in Polytopia. Kickoo starts with the Fishing technology.

Kickoo is one of the strongest tribes. It can upgrade its capital on turn 0. Also, Fishing is a powerful starting technology, as now the Kickoo gets movement over water at the start, and can create Rafts immediately and upgrade them to Scouts quickly, which is a powerful way to find other players.


Kickoo has 0.5x mountain, 1.5x fish, and 2x water.

Kickoo fruit
Kickoo forest
Kickoo game
Kickoo mountain
0.5x 1.5x


An adventurous bunch, the Kickoo love the water and everything there is to know about boats and overseas trade. Riding speedy Leeons and harvesting delicious banoos, the Kickoo are a force to be reckoned with.

–Zoythrus on Steam

Tribe Celebrations[]

  • KickooTribeDay2019

    The 2019 Kickoo Tribe Day poster

    2019 Tribe Day: Have you heard the story of the famed Kickoo ship, the Innikuli? Its crew were the first Polytopians to sail to each of the four corners of the Square!
  • Kickoo Tribe Moon

    The 2020 Kickoo Tribe Moon poster

    2020 Tribe Moon: When Kickoo sailors aren't sailing, they prefer to play sports! Footraces, wrestling, and canoeing are common, but the most popular sport is Hak'ilani, which is similar to tennis but played by 4 players on a specially-made floating platform. Don't fall off!
  • Kickoo Tribe Moon 2021

    The 2021 Kickoo Tribe Moon poster

    2021 Tribe Moon: When you live in an archipelago, fish tend to be your primary food source. The Kickoo believe that the elaborate system of movements and rhythms of the mystical "Pelona Fish Ceremony” encourages schools of fish to enter their waters for easy harvesting.
  • Kickoo Tribe Moon 2022

    The 2022 Kickoo Tribe Moon poster

    2022 Tribe Moon: Have you heard the stories of Po Iu, the legendary warrior? Kickoo myth is often based on their exploits, with classic stories such as "Po Iu Creates Fish," "Po Iu and the 7-Headed Beast," and "Po Iu Goes to Kaa Pu". Visit a Kickoo storyteller if you want to hear more!
  • Kickoo_Tribe_Moon_2023

    Kickoo Tribe Moon 2023

    The 2023 Kickoo Tribe Moon video

    2023 Tribe Moon: This is Ikilu. This model Kickoo citizen knows that no day is complete without a little dip in the ocean for a bit of swimming. The average Kickoo day is often full of gathering seashells, greeting friends, riding leoons, and...encountering the malicious Ragoo Pirates?!
  • Kickoo Tribe Moon 2024

    The 2024 Kickoo Tribe Moon poster

    2024 Tribe Moon: The many islands of the Kickoo Isles are connected by a wide array of maritime trade routes. While banoo, pelts, and other such things are commonly traded, the Kickoo rely on the Konka Nut as both a food source and de facto trade currency! It's even why they adopted green as their national color!


  • Only Kickoo are smooth and lithe enough to chase the feathers of the Koi-oi bird. The feathers can be used for a number of things, but above all it tastes delicious. Sun-dried and milled is the main ingredient of the traditional Koi-oi potion.[1]
  • Leoons love to carry their friends on their backs. If you ever get a chance to try, be sure to hold on tight! They can run faster than the fastest Shebron of the Square, leaving just a puff of smoke and faint orange trail in their path.[2]
  • The Leoons are lively animals, always looking for friends to play with. When they feel lonely they get sad, and it can be tricky to get them motivated to help the Kickoo push their boats into the ocean.[3]


The Kickoo tribe is inspired by Polynesian cultures[4], the terrain seems to be archipelagic and has white shores, that resembles Austronesian and Caribbean terrain, houses on poles, fish as the main resource and banoo as a fruit are references to the culture of these regions. Kickoo's fruit are Banoos (bananas), despite that Kickoo's trees are palm trees.

Kickoo's mountains are the only ones to extend into the soil.


Kickoo Appearance
  • Fruit: Banoo (banana)
  • Animal: Leoons (leopards)
  • Field: Green fields with sandy, pale soil
  • Forest: Palm trees
  • Mountain: Basalt columns, similar to Giant's Causeway, that extend into the soil
  • City: Lime green buildings with roofs of banana leaves
  • Helmet: Long hair to one side, a red headband, and green feathers

City Naming Syllables[]

[space], an, ko, li, lo, lu, ma, no, nu, oki, si, va

City Buildings[]



Kickoo Music
Link Description
"Kickoo Banoo" By Nono Kamii. Published by Polytopia Music.
Polytone™ Remix of Kickoo Banoo. Published by Polytopia Music.
Ragoo Skin theme.


Ragoo Skin[]

The scourge of the waters, the bane of navies, the serpents of the seas - The Ragoo Pirates! Their fleets of ships and lust for plunder are ready to expand their operations from the Kickoo Isles to the rest of the Square!

–Ragoo skin description

The splash screen for the Ragoo skin in the Tribe Selection menu.

The Ragoo skin was added in the third skin pack for Polytopia. They wear eyepatches, large black pirate hats, brown belts, and a more detailed red bandana.

  • The city buildings have a mostly wooden brown color scheme, with some buildings resembling upturned ship hulls.
  • The Emperor's Tomb is a giant skull among rocks instead of the default one.
  • Warriors and Riders have hooks for hands, which they use as their weapons in place of the club.
  • Swordsmen and Giants use cutlass sabers instead of the default double-edged swords.
  • Riders and Giants have one peg leg and one regular leg.
  • Ragoo projectile

    The Ragoo Catapult projectile

    Catapults are replaced with small wooden cannons and shoot cannonball-like projectiles.
  • All naval units have black livery, with a skull and crossbones emblazoned thereupon.
  • The cannons on Bombers are made of wood.

City Buildings[]



  • The Ragoo skin was originally known as the Hulaho, and later as the Malo-Lo; the description of the latter read, "These brave warriors from the Kickoo island of Malo-Lo have developed a culture of combat, both on land and sea. Watch out for those hooks!"[5][6]


  • Kickoo was the only paid tribe that started with a tier 1 technology and was the only paid tribe in the game's initial release.
  • Before Luxidoor was released, Kickoo had the trees that Luxidoor now has.
  • During its development, Kickoo was initially named "Kiwa," was more "aggressive", and had a darker theme.[7]
  • The round, white objects found decorating many Kickoo monuments are coconut shavings.[8]
  • The "leader" of the Kickoo tribe is named "Niko".


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