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The Luxidoor love expensive things, jewels, rare spices and exclusive ornaments. That is also why they are the most expensive tribe in Polytopia!
The Luxidoor citizens lead very comfortable lives, draped in the finest purple silk. But will they survive outside of their beloved capital?
-Tribe description

Luxidoor is the seventh tribe in Polytopia. Luxidoor is the only regular tribe that does not have any starting technology; instead, it starts with a level 2 capital city (without a Workshop or Explorer) with a Park, however the Park is purely cosmetic and does not give any points.

Luxidoor is a flexible mid-tier tribe that does not have any specific strengths or weaknesses.


Luxidoor has the default values for all terrain rates.

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  • The Luxidoor tribe are real pimps. Flexing only the finest jewelry, they would rather die than be seen with anything less than exclusive silk garments.[1]
  • These wealthy snobs prefer a life of decadence from the safety of their mighty capital! A people of business, the Luxidoorian streets are lined with markets and a multitude of shopkeepers trying to peddle their wares to anyone with the cash.[2]

Tribe Celebrations[]

  • The 2019 Luxidoor Tribe Day poster

    2019 Tribe Day: “The price shows the quality,” the shrewd Luxidoorian Emperor states a price increase for their tribe on December 2nd. "It's insultingly low, and we're worth so much more!"
  • The 2020 Luxidoor Tribe Moon poster

    2020 Tribe Moon: Carts full of gold, jewels, fabrics, and incense flow out of the temple of Exigeluss, the God of Wealth, blessing even the poorest of Luxidoor with a life of extravagance. Of course, nothing is free, and the Emperor wonders what Exigeluss will ask for in return...
  • The 2021 Luxidoor Tribe Moon poster

    2021 Tribe Moon: Unlike other tribes, the Luxidoor democratically elect their Emperor. Of course, the richest candidate always succeeds, because Luxidoorians always vote for the wealthiest. The campaign trail is littered with promises of riches and displays of power to sway potential voters.
  • The 2022 Luxidoor Tribe Moon poster

    2022 Tribe Moon: The Luxidoorian Emperor always sets the “hottest fashion” which all Luxidoorians try to emulate, even if it’s impractical in the hot sun. The current Emperor prefers turbans, but the last one loved shawls.


  • Luxidoorians always enjoy their sparkling Diamond Tea in these lavish jars. The finest porcelain of the Luxidoor mountains adds to their irresistible beauty. If you are ever invited to a Luxidoor Tea Ceremony, be sure to not decline, as it may not be well received.[3]
  • The Phantrix is a huge animal that has a special place in any Luxidoorian’s heart as the backbone of their grand empire. They are seen as a valuable friend, a useful pack animal, and the base of a hearty stew. This garment commemorates the invaluable contributions of the majestic Phantrix to the wealth and prosperity of the Luxidoor tribe.[4]


The Luxidoor are inspired by Indian and Babylonian culture.[5]

The Luxidoor tribe seems to resemble Indian and Persian culture with their turbans and elephants, and their elusive luxuries which dazzled the ancient and medieval traders and explorers.



  • Fruit: Lôni fruit (mangoes)
  • Animal: Phantrix (elephant)
  • Field: Green fields with dark black soil
  • Forest: Coniferous trees composed of many small shapes
  • Mountain: Pointed, green mountains with snow caps
  • City: Red with gold ornamentation, green emeralds, and palm trees
  • Helmet: White turban with a green emerald

City Naming Syllables[]

[apostrophe], au, em, exi, ga, iss, ki, ly, lô, ni, ou, pô, uss, ux

City Buildings[]




  • The only other tribe that does not have any starting technology is Aquarion.
  • The Luxidoor Easter egg gives players that do not own Luxidoor a small chance of meeting the tribe as an opponent in single-player games. This is officially an “apology” for Luxidoor being more expensive than other tribes. Before Moonrise, in single-player, disabling all but one tribe would force Luxidoor to be the opponent due to the this Easter Egg, even if the player did not own Luxidoor.
  • Luxidoor "inherited" their trees from Kickoo. Before the release of Luxidoor, Kickoo had the trees that Luxidoor now has.
  • In update 2.0.49, Luxidoor was nerfed from starting with a level 3 capital with a City Wall to starting with a level 2 capital. Prior to this update, Luxidoor was one of the best tribes in the game. The level 3 capital produced 4 stars per turn, allowed Luxidoor to produce more units and outnumber nearby enemies in the early-game, and put Luxidoor closer to training an early Giant than other tribes. However, with this nerf, Luxidoor did gain a cosmetic starting park.[6]


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