The Luxidoor are one of the 15 current tribes. They start out with a level 3 city, a city wall and no native technology. The Luxidoor seem to resemble Indian and Persian culture.

In-game description:

"The Luxidoor citizens lead very comfortable lives, draped in the finest purple silk. But will they survive outside the walls of their beloved capital?"



Luxidoor fruit
Luxidoor forest
Luxidoor game
Luxidoor mountain


  • Fruit: Mangoes
  • Land: Green fields
  • Forests: trees made of small cubes that look similar to pine trees.
  • Animals: Phantrix (Elephant)
  • Mountains: Green with snow caps
  • Cities: Red, gold/green ornamentation with palm trees
  • Helmet: White turban with emerald.
  • Color: Royal Purple

Tribe Day Lore

LUX tribe day gold

“The price shows the quality,” the shrewd Luxidoorian Emperor states a price increase for their tribe on December 2nd. "It's insultingly low, and we're worth so much more!" - Luxidoor Tribe Day 2019


  • The Luxidoor start out with a level 3 capital, which gets 4 stars per turn and a city wall for protection. The high level capital also lets the Luxidoor have more units, so this tribe can outnumber nearby enemies. They start with no tech, allowing them to adapt to their resources.
  • The Luxidoor don't start with an Explorer or a Workshop. This means they do not have many options for exploration. They also do not have a bonus tech, so they will be behind in military power later in the game.
  • You want to finish off other weaker foes in the early game (i.e. Imperius, Ai-Mo, and Oumaji). Because of your early advantage in economic power you want to take advantage of it very fast. Build a large army early game and take as many cities as possible. You also have 4 stars per turn so during turns 1-5 you have an edge over other tribes.

Luxidoor Theme

The Battle of Polytopia Luxidoor Theme

The Battle of Polytopia Luxidoor Theme

City Buildings


  • The Luxidoor will occasionally appear as an enemy tribe in game, even if they are not owned by the player. This is considered an Easter Egg.
  • Similar to Zebasi and Oumaji, Luxidoor "inherited" their trees from Kickoo. Before March 23rd, the Kickoo had Luxidoor’s trees.
  • The only two tribes that do not start with technology are the Luxidoor and Aquarion.
  • This tribe is the most expensive ($2.99 USD). Midjiwan said on Twitter that this is because they "love to be expensive, it's in their blood".
  • According to the web shop, the Luxidoor's favourite drink is sparkling Diamond Tea.
  • In the ambience which plays throughout Luxidoor lands, several sounds are heard. These sounds are elephants trumpeting, and what seem to be some bird chirping (or possibly grasshoppers stridulating).
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