Meditation is a Tier Two technology available after unlocking Climbing.

Once researched, it grants a defensive bonus of 150% to troops on mountain tiles, similar to Archery and Aquatism. If you have a defence bonus, a shield will appear around the health.

Meditation expands into Philosophy.

Meditation also unlocks the mountain temple, a temple that can be built on mountains for 20 stars.

Upon research, it starts the Pacifist task, which gives you the Altar of Peace as a reward for completing it. To complete the Pacifist task, you have to make no attacks for 5 turns. Note that retaliation does not count as an attack; nor does capturing a city; and nor does converting a unit using a Mind Bender.

The Ai-Mo tribe starts with this technology.

Gallery Edit

Mountain defense

The Mountain Icon in the Meditation Technology.

Mountain temple level 1

Mountain Temple level 1 being in the Meditation Technology.


The Crown Icon in the Meditation Technology.