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The Mooni is a unit exclusive to the Polaris tribe. However, they can be mind-bent to another tribe using Mind Benders and still have the same characteristics as a Mooni but with a different color scheme. A Mooni will still spread ice tiles even if it has been converted using Mind Benders to another tribe. Mooni cannot attack, and serve only as early-game land freezers. The Mooni has the freeze area ability.

They are unlocked with the Frostwork technology.

The Polaris tribe starts the game with a Mooni.

Strengths & Weaknesses[]

Moonies are good for:

  • Stalling a front. A well-positioned Mooni can lock down one front indefinitely by repeatedly using Freeze Area, creating a wall of frozen enemy units that can physically block passages from attack.
  • Freezing uncontested land. Polaris gains more power with every Ice tile on the map when the Ice Bank is placed. Mooni cannot fight, so if your starting Mooni is still alive, it might be worth walking it around to freeze patches of land between your cities for that extra boost to SPT.

Moonies aren't good for:

  • Actively pushing fronts. A Mooni cannot move and freeze area on the same turn, which makes them vulnerable when on the front lines. Best to leave them in defensive positions.