Multiplayer games can be Pass & Play or Online, in one of two game modes (Glory or Might), and on one of three map sizes (tiny, normal, or large). Contrary to their name, multiplayer games can be played against only bots (with no other human players besides the host).


An example of a multiplayer game with only one human player (the opponent is a bot)

The host sets the game mode, number of opponents (including bots), and map size in multiplayer games. In general, most multiplayer games are played in the Might game mode on a normal map, unless otherwise specified. Also, restarting (usually due to bad spawns) is commonly allowed in many communities, such as the competitive PolyChampions league.

Pass & Play vs. Online Multiplayer

Pass & Play

Pass & Play, also called "local multiplayer," consists of games played exclusively on one device (typically passed between the different players, hence the name). No purchase is required to play Pass & Play games; simply head to the Multiplayer tab on the main menu, then click "New Game" in the bottom-left corner.

This feature was released in the "Myriad" update on November 30, 2016. Initially, the host could set custom names for their games, but randomized names were introduced with online multiplayer (see below).

Online Multiplayer

Online multiplayer allows the host to add players to games through their friend codes. At least one tribe has to be purchased in order to play multiplayer games. The purchase supports Midjiwan, who developed the game largely by himself, and the cost of running the multiplayer server.

This feature was released in the “Multitopia A” update on February 15, 2018. This update also replaced custom game names in favor of a randomized name.

Finding Opponents

There are many places to find opponents to play against in multiplayer games, such as the main Discord server, competitive PolyChampions league, Facebook 1v1 league, Facebook multiplayer group, and Reddit thread.

A lobby for creating games with random opponents will be introduced in the future.

Glory vs. Might


In the Glory game mode, the first player to amass 10,000 points wins. This is the counterpart to the single-player Perfection game mode; however, there is no turn limit in Glory.

If multiple players surpass 10,000 points in the same turn, the player with the most points at the end of the turn wins, even if that player was not the first to surpass 10,000 points.


In the Might game mode, the win condition is capturing every tribe's capital. Not all enemy cities have to be captured to win (only the capitals). This is the counterpart to the single-player Domination game mode.

Map Sizes

There are three different map sizes for multiplayer: tiny (121 tiles, 11x11), normal (256 tiles, 16x16), and large (324 tiles, 18x18). Tiny maps support a maximum of five players (including bots), normal maps support 10, and large maps support 12.

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