Nature Bunnies are one of the confirmed Easter Eggs in Polytopia. Nature Bunnies are spawned by tapping an unoccupied tile in your territory ten times. Nature Bunnies can only be spawned in single-player. They can neither be spawned in Pass & Play nor online multiplayer to prevent abuse.

Nature Bunnies have the Crush skill, enabling them to destroy any building and units on tiles they move to. Just like any other unit, Nature Bunnies can attack, kill, and be killed. Also, although Nature Bunnies can enter cities, they cannot capture cities. Moreover, Nature Bunnies cannot be converted with Mind Benders, as they do not belong to any one tribe. (Nature Bunnies cannot be controlled by any human player.)

Spawning many Nature Bunnies has previously been known to cause a variety of glitches that can be resolved by exiting and reopening the game.

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