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The Nature Bunny is an Easter Egg in Polytopia. Nature Bunnies are spawned by tapping an unoccupied tile in player-controlled territory ten times. Nature Bunnies cannot be spawned in multiplayer (both Pass & Play and online) to prevent abuse.

The Nature Bunny can destroy any building on tiles it moves onto.

Although Nature Bunnies are called "enemy units" in-game, they belong to and count towards the unit limit of the cities of the player that spawned them. Also, attacking Nature Bunnies does not hinder the achievement of the Altar of Peace, and Nature Bunnies cannot be converted with Mind Benders. Furthermore, although Nature Bunnies can enter cities, they cannot capture them.

Nature Bunta[]

The Nature Bunta is a seasonal version of the Nature Bunny appearing in the December holiday season. It resembles Santa Claus in appearance. It has the same stats and abilities as the Nature Bunny.

A Nature Bunta