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The Navalon is a special unit that is unlocked with Water Magic, exclusive to the ∑∫ỹriȱŋ tribe. It is created by Enchanting a whale for 5 stars. It can only move on ocean/sea tiles, and cannot move onto land, with the exception of moving into cities and capturing villages.

Its persist ability is extremely powerful compared to the Knight, as most sea units are weak in comparison to land units, making them easy targets for the Navalon.

Due to its navigate skill, it can automatically travel in ocean.

Note that by transforming a whale into a Navalon, you do not gain 10 stars so you can't use this to gain stars, unlike whaling for other tribes.

With the "Freeze" update, Navalons gained the ability to capture cities. In the Moonrise update, they were also given the ability of capturing villages.


  • Navigate: The Navalon can move onto both water tiles and ocean tiles, even if the appropriate technology is not unlocked. It cannot move onto land tiles, except to claim villages and cities.
  • Dash: The Navalon can move and attack in the same turn.
  • Persist: When attacking, if the Navalon kills its target it can then attack again. It can do this an indefinite amount of times.

Strengths and weaknesses[]

Navalons are good for:

  • Killing swarms of squishy units. A Navalon can one-shot any 10-hp naval unit, even a battleship (except with a defence bonus). Therefore, the Navalon can easily deal with swarms of squishy units thanks to its persist skill, just as the Knight can deal with swarms of weak units on land.
  • Sieging cities. With its 3 movement, it can easily get near a city, kill it thanks to its 4 attack and then be safe from death thanks to its 30 health and 4 defence, the latter being the same as a Giant.

Navalons aren't good for:

  • Dealing with swarms of high-hp units. The Navalon cannot one-shot a 15-hp unit, even a boat. The problem is that the Navalon won't be able to attack more units in the same turn, and even though there is only a low risk that a Navalon will be killed by boats, 15-hp battleships in great amounts will easily deal with the Navalon, unable to use its persist while also taking no retaliation thanks to the battleship's range.


  • The Navalon is known in some game files as the "Sea Monster".