"The seemingly endless, sun-blessed desert is the home of the Oumaji tribe."
The Oumaji tribe is the fourth of the 15 tribes in the game, and one of the original four free tribes in the game, the others being Xin-Xi, Imperius, and Bardur. Oumaji starts with the Riding tech and and a Rider unit.


Oumaji has --forest.

Oumaji fruit
Oumaji forest
Oumaji game
Oumaji mountain


  • Fruit: Sajaa (cacti)
  • Land: Sand and desert.
  • Forests: Palm oasis
  • Animals: Shebron/Shebra
  • Mountains: Yellow mountains with flat tops
  • Cities: Clay adobe structures with small wooden embellishments.
  • Helmet: Headscarf
  • Color: Yellow


Oumaji tribeday
  • Tribe Day 2019: While most cacti are inedible, the Sajaa is an exception. While not as iconic as their Shebron, it is full of water and nutrients, and what makes the Oumaji way of life possible in the desert."
  • Web Shop: The best way to savor a cup of Oulu is at a temperature of 187°F. It is made of "things" [the Oumaji] find in the desert, unclear what exactly, but it tastes a bit like hot air. The Oumaji usually enjoy it among friends after a late dinner prepared over an open fire.
  • Web Shop: To survive a trip through the vast Oumaji desert you would most definitely need a trusted companion. A beautiful striped Shebra can carry you many tiles without complaining, and provide a nice shade to rest in while having a snack along the way.
  • Web Shop: Most people don't know that the Shebrons are vain animals. If you need to find an oasis in the desert, the Shebron will be your best companion since it's always looking for a lake so it can admire itself in its reflection. If your Shebron seems low for any reason, you can use [a] fake mirror to cheer it up.
  • Web Shop: The Cacti is the most difficult plant to harvest if one is not equipped with this special Cacti blade. In fact, the poisonous thorns will most likely kill anyone who tries. With [the special] tool, you have a chance to get hold of the special Cacti pulp, said to heal wounds and the disease of the yellow mountains.


Starting with Riding allows Oumaji to explore much faster than other tribes can and quickly capture large numbers of Villages. However, this drastically increases the cost of technology. (Oumaji's relatively weak economy further exacerbates the high prices of technology.)

The Oumaji desert often has a good amount of fruit and farmland, making Organization a good technology to buy early. However, contrary to most other tribes, Oumaji should not buy Forestry due to the lack of trees.

Oumaji Theme

The Battle of Polytopia Oumaji Theme

The Battle of Polytopia Oumaji Theme

City Buildings


  • The Oumaji tribe resembles North African and Arabian culture, as their helmets are headscarves. Headscarves are used as protection against the desert elements in those parts of the world.
  • In the ambience playing throughout Oumaji lands, the noise of sand moving in the wind and a rattlesnake shaking its tail are heard.
  • Zebasi "inherited" their trees from Oumaji: before the release of Zebasi, Oumaji had acacia trees.
  • Oumaji is the only free tribe not to start with a Warrior.
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