The Oumaji is one of the 14 current tribes. It is one of the original four free tribes, the others being Bardur, Xin-Xi, and Imperius. They start off with the riding technology. The Oumaji tribe resembles North African/Saharan culture, with their helmet being a headscarf, used as a protection against the desert elements in that part of the world.

In-game description: The seemingly endless, sun blessed desert is the home of the Oumaji tribe.


Appearance Edit

  • Fruit: Cacti
  • Land: Desert
  • Forests: Palm Oasis
  • Animals: Shebra (zebra)
  • Mountains: Yellow mountains with flat tops
  • Cities: Sun-baked clay adobes with flat roofs or flat dome roofs, staircases and striped awnings along the sides
  • Helmet: Headscarf
  • Color: Yellow

NOTE: All official names for fruits, game etc. are taken from the official web shop.

Strategies Edit

The Oumaji start off with Riding, as well as a Rider instead of a normal warrior. This means the Oumaji can explore much faster than other tribes and quickly gain more Villages than other tribes usually do.

The increased exploration speed has consequences though, as more Villages means a higher chance of having multiple aggressive neighbors. Capturing more villages also increases the cost of technology, and the Oumaji have one of the weakest economies on the square early game. Riders are also one of the weakest units defensively and can be killed in 1 hit by a Swordsman. Knights aren't as good either, as they also only have 1 defense. Units with high defense such as Defenders or Swordsmen are recommended.

The Oumaji desert often has a good amount of fruit and farmland, making Organization a good choice.

Oumaji Theme Edit

The Battle of Polytopia Oumaji Theme

The Battle of Polytopia Oumaji Theme

City Buildings Edit

Xin-Xi, Imperius, Bardur, Oumaji, Kickoo, Hoodrick, Luxidoor, Vengir, Zebasi, Ai-Mo, Quetzali, Aquarion, ∑∫ỹriȱŋ