Outposts are buildings that Polaris has in place of Ports. Outposts are unlocked with the Frostwork technology. Outposts cost 5 stars, provide one population, and can only be built on Ice tiles. Additionally, Outposts can form city connections over Ice (similarly to how Ports form city connections over water).

 City Connections

Connecting a city to the capital gives one population to the connected city and the capital. Outposts must be adjacent to a city or connected to a city by Roads to be used to form a city connection. Outposts can form city connections with other Outposts that have three or fewer Ice tiles between them.


When Polaris was initially released, Outposts provided 2 population (but could only be built on Ice tiles adjacent to land). Since Polaris can build Outposts on Turn 0 and Outposts are very cheap (compared to Ports), this lead to Polaris being very overpowered. Therefore, Outposts were nerfed on July 5, 2019, in update 1.14.1. Outposts now provide only 1 population (but can be built on any Ice tile).

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