The Park of Fortune is a monument given as a reward for completing the Metropolis Task. Like all monuments, it can only be built once per game, and provides 3 population and 400 score to the city it is in.


The task is activated when you level up a city to level 2. To complete it, one must acquire a city of level 5 or more, either through leveling up your cities or capturing a city that fulfills this criteria.

NOTE: Capturing a city that is above level 2 will not activate the task, you have to actually upgrade your city for it to trigger.


The design for the Park of Fortune over most tribes is this: A wall wrapping around all 4 sides of the park, with a small opening. There are some trees belonging to that tribe, as well as a small house. The floor is transparent, making some nifty floating trees when you place the Park on shallow water.

Some exceptions are Oumaji, whose Park resembles the Park upgrade for cities, but elevated on pillars with a river running down from it. Quetzali's is slightly modified, and Ai-Mo, who has a platform supported by trees.


Altar of Peace, Emperor's Tomb, Eye of God, Gate of Power, Grand Bazaar, Park of Fortune, Tower of Wisdom
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