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The Phychi is a cheap, low-health, flying unit exclusive to the Cymanti tribe. It is unlocked with Archery and replaces the Archer. Its fly skill and movement of two allows it to explore across all types of terrain, including water, and its ranged attack poisons enemy units. However, its low health and attack make it very weak in combat.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]


  • Exploring. Due to their high movement and fly ability, a group of Phychi is great for exploring, especially seas since Cymanti doesn't have battleships that have the scout skill.
  • Sieging cities. Not sieging cities themselves, but rather helping to setup a siege. The phychi has dash, poison and 2 movement, which makes them able to be quickly mobilized to shoot a unit in a city and weaken it, especially if it has a city wall, since poisoning removes all defence bonuses.
  • Back-end army support. Just as the archer, the phychi can be used behind melee units to support them. Their greater movement then archers allows them to mobilize and retreat quickly, and even though they have a lower attack, they poison enemy units which makes them more vulnerable to attacks.


  • Unsupported combat. Like the archer, the phychi is a very weak unit that is killed easily, and despite having 2 defence, it's very low health makes them very vulnerable, one-shot by a two-attack unit like a warrior, rider or archer.
  • Killing units. Their very low attack, especially compared to archers, makes them unable to deal efficiently with lots of units. They can, at most, poison them for melee units to mop up, but not kill themselves while being protected like archers can.